Urban Farming: Fairplex Hydroponics

May 19, 2016

farm at fairplex agricultureGrowing an urban farm like ours takes a little creativity and a lot of agricultural know how. Thankfully we have plenty of both!

While the majority of our crops are grown traditionally, we practice many farming techniques. We covered vertical farming in a couple months back and now we’re taking a look at our hydroponics crops!

Hydoponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil.

It’s a great way to care for long-term growth. We’re currently using our system to grow blue tomatoes (the healthiest tomatoes you can grow… more on that in another post). 

Our hydroponics chambers were created thanks to an Eagle Scout project one of our local Boy Scouts of America troops did a few years ago.

Our plants currently reside in moist perlite and are planted deeper than most tomatoes. We let the water pumps run continuously during the first three days so the plant scould establish themselves in their new home. Now the system is timed to run three times per day.

If you have a lack of soil / garden space, using hydroponics is a great alternative!

To learn more about The Farm at Fairplex, visit fairplex.com/farm.

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