Fall at the Farm

October 2, 2013

The week following the L.A. County Fair always trips me out. During September  a walk to the farm means encountering thousands of Fair guests and smelling deep-fried  temptations at every corner.

Once the Fair is over it feels like a ghost town (albeit a beautiful, peaceful one.) The farm is no longer hidden by food stands and the excitement of farm animals.

Upon reaching the farm I like to take a deep inhale and breathe the fresh scent of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. We love the Fair but a moment spent in organic nature is always welcome.

The last time I wrote about the farm was in the spring when strawberries and blueberries were in full bloom. Now it’s autumn. The sun-soaked summer has faded and new life is beginning to grow, just in time for October festivities and Thanksgiving dinners.

The farm recovers from a successful Fair season

Bell peppers, spinach, lettuce, a few carrots, apples, thyme, garlic and winter squash make up the bulk of the crops for this season. As always, McKinley’s Grille will serve the freshest ingredients at the restaurant and catering to our many events. It’s always fun to see what changes Chef Teig makes with the new seasonal menus.

Recently shiso leaves and green almonds were blended together to make a pesto for California white bass. Herbs, fruit and vegetables are incorporated into most (if not all) of McKinley’s Grille dishes. McKinley’s house soup includes farm harvested ingredients, changing by the season. Vegetable and fruit side dishes are always on the menu and most garnishes and herbs come from the farm as well.

Although the farm is currently one-acre in size, we are expanding to five acres that will include more than 100 specialty crops. We’re already one of the largest urban gardens in Los Angeles County.

With this expansion the diversity of our sustainable foods and the opportunities we have to connect with our surrounding community in many fun (and yes, educational) ways. We’ll be posting updates on the farm’s progress and the different ways you can use local produce to create delicious and healthy meals so check back soon.

Happy October!



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