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Throwback Thursday: LA County Fair Competitions

June 9, 2016

We’ve been looking through Fair photos of old and we came across this fun one hidden in our archives: We still have culinary competitions to this day — from baking to BBQs, Fair guests continue to compete for that blue ribbon each year. It’s a big part of the LA County Fair. Some things never…

Throwback Thursday: Breaking ground

February 18, 2016

Six years ago today we broke ground at the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center. Here’s one of our original renderings of the exterior:  Since then we have seen countless conferences, retreats, competitions, weddings, holiday parties, fundraisers, auctions and other events. Here’s to many more memorable moments in the future! 

Throwback Thursday: Fairplex Expo Halls

January 21, 2016

We found this beautiful photo in our archives the other day and thought we would share with you! We don’t have an exact date of when this photo was taken but it was definitely before 1935, when the Fairplex Garden Railroad was moved to its current location, which spans the length of several expo halls.…

Throwback Thursday: LACF in the 1930s

October 23, 2014

Throwback to the 1930s, when the Los Angeles County Fair was just getting its footing at Fairplex! At the time this photo was taken, the Fair was only 10-years-old or so. It’s crazy to think how much things have changed over the years. If you were to take a photo from the same angle, you…

Throwback Thursday: The Clock Tower

April 24, 2014

L.A. County Fair Clock Tower 1952  Throwback to the L.A. County Fair in 1952! We found this old gem hiding in our photo archives and just had to share. The Clock Tower used to be located on Broadway, where the bull riding and Cal Spas section is today. The Grandstand still looks the same though!…

Throwback to the 1960s Fair

December 12, 2013

During the Fair, the Broadway street is characterized by the bustling crowds, sizzling turkey legs and funnel cakes and the SkyRide carrying passengers above the jolly chaos of the Fair. Before the SkyRide was built, we used to  have a monorail that would take guests not only across Broadway, but around the entire Fairgrounds. This…

Throwback Thursday

January 24, 2013

Whether you like it or not, Throwback Thursday is officially a thing. Every week Facebook, Twitter and particularly Instagram take the “tbt” hashtag by storm. We thought we would do a little throwback of our own back to the 1930s at the L.A. County Fair. As you can see, things were slightly smaller in scale.…