Los Angeles International EVOO Competitions Begin This Week

March 24, 2014

ExtravirginoliveoilcompetitionExtra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Set-up

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately. From celebratory articles discussing health benefits and utilization as a beauty product (make-up remover, anyone?) to consternation over olive oil fraud, EVOO has been a hot topic.

The Los Angeles International Northern Hemisphere EVOO competitions begin Wednesday at Fairplex and you will be hard-pressed to find any scams among the elite. Hundreds of entries are sipped and swirled by an esteemed panel of EVOO experts. Submissions from Croatia, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Turkey, the U.S. and other countries will be ranked based on a number of factors including taste, texture and flavor.

Throughout the next couple months we will be posting tips on how to decipher whether your extra virgin olive oil is legitimate or phony, EVOO cooking tips and a look at what goes on behind the closed doors of the Los Angeles International EVOO competition. Stay tuned!

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