Event Industry News: MLB Opening Day, Flipboard, EDO

April 1, 2013

Opening Day: It’s opening day for MLB and tensions are already high in Los Angeles as the Dodgers face off against the Giants in their first game of the season. Predictions are already being made for the Angels vs. the Dodgers in the World Series, but only time will tell, starting with today’s games. Dodgers Stadium is expected to be packed. Fans are advised to arrive as early as 10 a.m. for the 1:10 p.m. game.

Technology: There’s a new acronym in town and it’s called EDO: Event Discovery Optimization. Rather than focusing on SEO, event planners may want to hone in on where their events can be discovered on apps such as Eventbrite, ConferenceHound and All Events in.

A new way to promote your event–Flipboard: With over 50 million users, its a media platform worth looking into. In short: Flipboard is an online magazine and you are the editor and designer. Whispers of event specific magazines are already on the loose–the real question is how to use this outlet to your event’s advantage. Fast Company did an overview of the site.

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