Cabernet Sauvignon just got salty

March 4, 2013

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Mira Winery, based in Napa, California has begun experimental wine aging techniques by means of the Atlantic Ocean.

The inspiration came from the unique flavoring found in bottles of wine gathered from shipwrecks. The idea is to replicate the flavor with Mira’s own wine.

Bottles of cabernet sauvignon were placed in submersible cases designed specifically for the experiment and are expected to hang out on the ocean floor for a total of three months.

“The ocean has similar ideal elements that impact aging – temperature, pressure, humidity, pressure motion, light – or lack thereof – and oxygen,” said Gustavo Gonzalez, a Mira Winery winemaker. “Is there something just as impacting and interesting in aquaoir as there is about terroir? We are going to try and find out.”

[quote taken from L.A. times article]

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