Wine, Cars, Stars & Horses

May 30, 2008

I really like this place in June. First, we have wine. A lot of wine – something like 3,500 different varieties – that our world-renowned wine judges are sipping, sloshing and sptooing right now for the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition.

What you might not know: The thousands of wine glasses used for the competition are all hand-washed and dried. No soap, no lint, just hot, hot water and a lot of polishing by the wine team at Fairplex.

Then, on Saturday, June 14, you can be among the first to taste the award winners from the competition at the Wine & Cars Under the Stars  soiree. If you need a reason to attend besides just having fun and tasting some really great wines and spirits, sampling some amazing olive oils (we also have an international olive oil competition going on at Fairplex with more than 500 entries!), this event is for a good cause. It’s a fundraiser for the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts. Tickets are $100 per person, $50 of which is tax deductible!


If you need some FREE entertainment, come to the June Classic Morgan Horse Show, Friday, May 30 – Sunday, June 1, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Park at Gate 12 on White Avenue for the usual $9.

What you might not know: Morgan horses were Civil War soldiers’ preferred mount because they were tireless workers, unfailingly loyal workers and would perform consistently under fire. They could also accommodate an uncertain war-time diet.

GET READY FOR KABOOM! This is the best 4th of July fireworks show in the area and you won’t get bored waiting for dark because there are Monster Truck and Big Air Freestyle Motocross before the KABOOM! part of the show. Tickets are on sale now at the Fairplex Credentials Office (909-865-4070). Don’t wait. This will be a sellout! Tickets are $19.50 (reserved box seats), $17.50 (trackside bleachers), and $14 (general seating).


  1. The horse show sounds interesting. My 4-year-old loves horses; this might be a good event to take her to. And thanks for the reminder about Kaboom. We’ve been before and my kids totally loved the monster trucks. Tons of fun.

  2. My family and I have been to Kaboom for the past six years and we love it! I think I hold my breath the entire time during the motorcycle stunts, but I have never seen a better fireworks show anywhere else. It is all choreographed to music, and brings tears to my eyes every year.

  3. The Wine and Cars under the Stars is perfect! Wine for me and plenty of vintage cars for my husband to oooh and ahhh at.

  4. I just love wine with my meals. Sounds like a fun evening.

  5. Now, you say Los Angeles International Wine and SPIRITS Competition…does that mean there will be tequila and vodka at this event?

  6. I love to watch horses. I always wanted one when I was a little girl. Wouldn’t mind one of those miniature horses.

  7. I want to come to the wine & cars under the stars event sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. I’ve heard of Kaboom from people all over SoCal. Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you offer food – bbq and the likes? Do you suggest bringing young children? Should we wear earplugs because of the fireworks?

  9. I love horses! That is so cool about the Morgan Horses. I didn’t know they were the main horse of a Civil War Soldier.

  10. Wished I had known about the horseshow in order to attend. Will have to watch more closely. Great job Scoopster!

  11. Wine for me and cars for him, sounds like a great way to spend the evening outside.
    Thanks for the info Scoopster!

  12. I went to the Wine and Cars event on Saturday. It was great!

  13. When will the Scoopster announce the End of Summer Concert series acts?

  14. RAGman: The much-anticipated End of Summer Concert Series line-up is a closely guarded secret until Monday, July 21. If you’re a member of the EOSCS Club ($15), you will find out the line-up on July 17 and you’ll be able to purchase tickets early!

  15. Loved Wine & Cars too. I’ll be back next year.

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