St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas

March 10, 2016

We’ve covered St. Patrick’s Day drinks, dinner ideas, decoration inspiration and even crafts for kids. Now it’s time for the most important part of any meal: the dessert. Keep reading for our round-up of favorite St. Patrick’s Day-themed treats!

1. Pot of Gold Cupcakes by

st patricks day dessert ideas

 These rainbow cupcakes might seem like a job better left to the experts but with a little know-how you can make them too! Get the full recipe here.

2. Leprechaun Hat S’mores by

 These adorable hats are perfect for a children’s party. Directions / recipe here.

3. Bailey’s Cheesecake Cupcakes by

St Patricks Day Dessert Ideas

If you prefer a little booze with your sweets try these tasty cheesecake recipe for a spin. Recipe here.

4. St. Patrick’s Day Muddy Buddies by 

St Patricks Day Desserts

 What’s better than muddy buddies? Muddy buddies with Lucky Charms in the mix! Get the recipe here.

5. White Chocolate-Dipped Oreos by

These festive Oreos are the perfect grab-and-go snack for a party. Recipe here. 

Which recipe do you want to try the most? Tell us in the comments below! 

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