Event Industry News: Instagram Direct, Chanel, Super Bowl parties and Santa stalking

December 16, 2013

Social media: The social media world was b u s y this weekend. Instagram debuted their newest feature, Instagram Direct. IG Direct is a hybrid combining the privacy of Snapchat and the filters, comments and longevity of Instagram. It’s a simple way to capture and share moments of your life with the people who matter most in lieu of the entire world of Instagram. Snapchat may offer the blessing of time-sensitive images–you can send a hideous selfie to your best friend and have it evaporate into the Snaposhere before she can save it for black mail–but Instagram Direct allows you to filter, edit and create a lasting image for your mom, dad, siblings and besties. Whether the new feature will be a hit or a failure remains to be seen. Meanwhile in Twitter land, the blocking feature was removed and then immediately brought back amid an uproar of protests from tweeters.

Chanel comes to Dallas: One of the beauties of our Fairplex campus is our venue versatility. We can host events of any shape or size. As home of the L.A. County Fair, we wanted to give a nod to the Texas State Fairgrounds for hosting Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art show this year. Talk about diverse use of event space! Guests were brought back to America’s roots upon entrance with a classic 50’s mock drive-in movie theater, vintage cars and concession stands among other elements. A few Texans were peeved by the lack of local representation (200 international journalists and celebrities does not a Texan make), but design king Karl Lagerfeld did a stunning job with the event as expected.

Super Bowl XLVIII: They may have cut back the tailgating for Super Bowl 2014 but the marketing campaigns are as bright and bold as ever. Time Warner plans to take over New York’s meatpacking district for a Super Bowl pop-up that will feature “high-profile music acts and surprise celebrity guests.” Fans can enjoy high-energy entertainment and get pumped for the upcoming game with fellow fans on the streets of New York.

Tracking Santa:Mashable released a list of their top four methods of tracking Santa as he makes his trek from the North Pole to the rest of the world. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has taken the reigns when it comes to stalking Santa around the globe but Google has created its own devices for finding the man in red.

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