FOOD NEWS: World’s Largest Gingerbread House

December 10, 2013

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas” so it’s no surprise that the world’s largest gingerbread house calls the Lone Star state it’s home.

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Using 3,000 pounds of brown sugar, 7,200 eggs, 22,304 pieces of candy and a literal ton of butter, the Texas A&M Traditions Club along with the community of Byron, Texas created a pad sweeter than any other in the world. And yes, the exterior is entirely covered in gingerbread and icing. This gingerbread giant is measured at 39,201-cubic-feet, beating the former Guinness World Record giant at the Mall of America by several thousand feet.

In true holiday spirit, the house was built as a charity event to fund a new facility for the St. Joseph’s Hospital’s trauma program. They have raised more than 150k from the 600 daily customers.

The house is roped off so that those with an insatiable taste for adventure don’t pull a Hansel and Gretel and grab a piece for their own eating pleasure.

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