Winter on a Southern California farm

December 3, 2013

One of the best parts of being in Southern California is the severe lack of below-freezing temperatures. This gives us the ability to grow produce on our farm year-round. We took a stroll down to the Farm to see what Chef Teig and horticulturist Don DeLano have growing during the winter months.

There’s a lot of green to be seen on the Farm 

While our summer vegetables have been harvested and devoured, Japanese vegetables like Daikon (white winter radish), Tokyo bekana and shiso are flourishing. Thanks to our new farm expansion, we are able to grow more specialty crops than ever.

Red shiso is highly prized in Japanese cuisine for its pigment and flavor

Lemons and kumquats are everywhere on the farm. We have several lemon trees and our baby kumquat trees are having no problem producing their tiny tasty fruit. By the time spring arrives, you will be able to eat these kumquats fresh from the tree.

No shortage of brussel sprouts here!

The dusty entrance to Dude Ranch is almost unrecognizable with all the produce growing around it. Winter vegetables like cauliflower, brussels sprouts and kale are in full bloom.

Judging from these crops, McKinley’s Grille will have some delicious (and nutritious) soups and salads on their menu this season.

We are excited to see what crops will emerge during the spring and summer months. More than 100 specialty crops are expected to be planted within the next few years. After all, when you expand from a 1/3 acre plot of land to five acres, the possibilities are virtually endless!


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