Event Industry News: Twitter’s 3-D Billboard grabs attention at Cannes festival

July 15, 2013

Twitter’s 3-D Billboard:
Digital billboards stopped being a novelty long ago, but 3-D billboards have not. Last month Twitter used a 40,000-lumens Barco projector mounted on a roof across the street from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. For five hours, a 3-D projection of tweets (using the official event hashtag, #CannesLion) was displayed on a 35- by 65-foot billboard. The projected tweets continued for the next three nights of the festival.

A foodie’s dream: 109 restaurants. 12 countries. 6 months. Luxury lifestyle website VeryFirstTo is bringing restaurant tours to a whole new level. The new tour invites guests to dine at every three-star Michelin restaurant on the planet. VeryFirstTo will book your flight, hotel accommodations and restaurant reservations. All you need to do is show up with an appetite. And $275,000. Is it worth it? Those with that much disposable income and time might be inclined to think so.

Social Media: Last Wednesday Instagram announced plans to allow embedding of photos and videos, making another tie from app to Web. While this shift is directed towards the media–journalists can easily share news-worthy content via the app–it is also a bonus to companies wishing to post Instagram content on their own websites. When you embed, credit is still given to the source. You can read more about Instagram’s embed feature on their blog.

The Oscars get a concert: A pre-show concert is being planned for the 2014 Academy Awards. The event will happen at U.C.L.A. three days prior to the awards show. The program will feature Oscar-nominated scores and songs.

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