Event Industry News: Walking in a Winter Wonderlab

November 18, 2013

Google’s Winter Wonderlab

Google creates Winter Wonderlabs: Leave it to Google to create a high-tech holiday marketing experience. Why go to the Apple store to shop when Google has “stores” that involves virtual snowfall and igloos. Google has selected malls across the nation for their seasonal Winter Wonderlabs. Shoppers can browse the latest Google/Windows products, step into a giant snowglobe to make slow-motion videos, play around in virtual snow and take a break from the typical holiday shopping mayhem. Not bad Google. And by not bad, we mean it’s pretty awesome.

Social media: Twitter has created custom timelines. You can pick and choose which tweets you want featured on any given topic and add them to a personalized timeline. What that means, is companies can pick and choose which tweets they want featured regarding their company and integrate that specific feed onto their blog, website and Twitter itself. Customized timelines ensures that a specific audience is seeing exactly what the company wants them to see, whether that’s highlighting an event, a new product or company news.

Keeping it local: Fairplex has begun decorating for the holiday season. The creative team is preparing to transform our campus into a festive oasis of Christmas trees, sparkling ornaments and brightly-wrapped boxes of goodies. The Graffiti Run 5k and Wonder of Dinosaurs also arrives at Fairplex this weekend, making it a b u s y week on our grounds.

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