Event Industry News: Instagram and Vine, meet MixBit

August 12, 2013

Instagram and Vine, meet MixBit: Instagram and Vine have been “duking it out” for the title of Top Dog of social media video platforms. Both have pros and cons but it’s still too early to tell who exactly will come out on top. Now a new contender has been added to the fray: MixBit. And it’s not just a random new app. MixBit is from the co-founders of YouTube, the king of all videos in social media. MixBit allows users to string together multiple streams of content and edit extensively. Remixed videos as long as one hour in length can be shared. May the most popular app win…

Conferences are in: BizBash posted a link to an article from David Ferrell of the OC Register, reporting on the current state of conferences… and the results are positive. With the continuing increase in technology it appeared as though hybrid conferences and virtual conferences would take the place of face-to-face meetings. No long lines for Starbucks, no rental cars, travel expenses or the need for a hotel room… But face-to-face wins out again. Read the full article here.

Live long and prosper: The annual Star Trek convention landed at the Rio Grande in Las Vegas over the weekend. Fans from around the world attended the convention, which was Star Trek themed from start to finish. The event featured themed cocktails and Spock-eared staff. Because the L.A. County Fair is so close, you can’t blame Fairplex for having Star Trek on the brain…

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