Event Industry News: 3-D tattoos, a giant smartphone and veggie cocktail trends

August 19, 2013


Augmented reality tattoos: While some tattoos are intricate, detailed and captivating, they are motionless. 2-D. Except for when you put a screen in front of them. Alison Bennett’s “Shifting Skin” exhibit displayed photos of tattoos and used several layers of augmented reality to transform body art into a 3-D experience.

Gallery guests only need to hold up a tablet in front of a photo and the tattoo would stretch and morph into a 3-D object. Bennett used a program called Aurasma to achieve this effect. Aurasma will be incorporated into an element of the L.A. County Fair as well (sans tattoos.) Mashable posted a video showing how the exhibit works.

Samsung’s giant phone: “Handheld device” is a bit of a stretch when it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy Mega phone. It is exactly what it sounds like: The latest version of the Samsung Galaxy (rivaling, and in many ways excelling against the iPhone), is a 6.3-inch giant of the original.

The phone arrives in  U.S. stores on August 23 of this year. While the Galaxy S4 still trumps the Mega in terms of power and display quality, the Mega will be useful for those who don’t like smaller screens (and by default text, photos, video etc.) and for those who find the touch screen tedious to use.

Drink your veggies: HotelChatter listed the top cocktail trends of the month, the leader being vegetable-infused cocktails. Several hotel bars have created drinks with kale, celery, arugula, spinach, apples and the health list goes on.

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