A splash of summer (Recipe)

July 18, 2013

July. A month full of vacations, beach days, BBQs and sweltering, suffocating heat. There are plenty of ways to beat the heat, and as huge advocates of relaxation and creativity, we found an icy cool drink that is really quite perfect.

Introducing Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade.

Photo courtesy of Gourmande In The Kitchen

A perfect mixture of sweet watermelon and tart raspberry, this beverage is sure to meet your sugar fix and put a few nutrients in your system at the same time. All you need is fresh fruit and coconut water (hydrating and delicious.) Take a break from the powdered lemonade formula and make your own natural sweet treat with this delicious recipe from Gourmande In The Kitchen! Total prep time is 10 minutes. Stick your pitcher in the fridge for two hours and you have yourself a refreshing, healthy juice. Enjoy!

Full recipe is available on her site.

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