Event Industry News: Film finally finds a home and European hotels come to the USA

June 3, 2013

Film finally finds a home: The Academy of Museum of Motion Pictures opens in Los Angeles in 2017. The 300,000 square-feet space will have galleries, exhibition and event space, theaters and screening rooms. A film fanatic’s paradise by all appearances, the museum has received generous donations from numerous sources.

There’s a new brand in town… Marriott. Or rather, AC by Marriott. The latest in the company’s hotel brands seeks to draw in Millennials. Originally built for European countries (specifically in Madrid, Spain), Marriott plans to literally import a hotel brand into the States. Like other lifestyle brands (food & beverage, QSR, technology etc.) the hotel strives for personalization of its services at a reasonable price. Essentially, everything Millenials currently find “cool” will be incorporated into these hotels.

Theme parks doing just fine in America: A recent report from Bloomberg Businessweek reported US theme parks (including favorites like SeaWorld and the Disneyland Resort) are in no danger of losing money. Revenue is better than ever, despite the recession. This isn’t surprising. Theme parks bring families into another world, whether it’s Hogwarts, the Antarctic or Tomorrowland. It takes you away from the cares of everyday life without the cost of an expensive plane ticket. Families who don’t have the time or money to get away to a different country can find an affordable and enjoyable experience here. That being said, prices are still rising. This week Disneyland Resort raised their admission prices by 6{13e0898fe91ab02b80dd55b375775209b289a6340ed758532b2434d5d9d0e62c}+.

Yahoo! vs. Tumblr users: With Yahoo!’s official acquisition of Tumblr two weeks ago, changes are already taking place in the form of sponsored posts. Fans are openly expressing dissent on their personal Tumblrs. You can’t blame them. Prior to Yahoo!’s takeover, users were accustomed to scrolling through their news feed seeing the images, poetry, music, video and personal logs they chose to follow. To have companies blatantly throwing their content in their customized mix is upsetting to many Tumblr users.

Given the mass dissent from Tumblr-ites, is the sponsored content even effective? Perhaps in the long run users will get used to seeing unwanted and unexpected posts, similar to the changes made on Facebook and Twitter. Until then, only time will tell of how accepting users will be of this change and others to come.

Social Media: Vine is now accessible to Android phones.

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