Event Industry News: Beer gardens, Google Glass, Titanic Round Two,

March 4, 2013

Trend alert: According to BizBash, beer gardens are becoming the new “it” spot for business meetings and other events. These venues are large, loud and casual, yet also equipped with the technology needed to conduct meetings and presentations. The concept is  to work first, then play later, all in the comfortable atmosphere of a beer garden, ideal for summer relaxation.

Technology: Google Glass is one of the most buzzed about pieces of technology, set to open to the public by the end of 2013. A hands-free computer, an extension of your smart phone… whether it will be the next “need-to-have” or just another novelty has yet to be decided. Below is Google’s promo video, released two weeks ago:

Titanic Round 2: The original Titanic may rest in the dark waters of the Atlantic, but its doppelganger, Titanic II, is preparing to set sail in 2016. A near-exact replica of the Titanic will be making its maiden voyage along the same route the ill-fated original took. Duplicates of the restaurants and dining rooms from the first ship will be on board and the class categories will be enforced.

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