Fairplex Snapshot: IrishFest TimeLapse Cameras

February 25, 2014

TLC Brinno event set up

Fairplex is a dynamic campus that is always molding to fit the needs of different events. This week we are preparing for IrishFest and thought we would capture the process using our new timelapse cameras.

We are transforming Fairplex into a land of green and gold this week. It’s amazing to think that one day you could be sitting in the middle of an empty building and return the next day to find stages, tables, lights, beer and food filling the whole room.


It might seem like there are little fairies who create these fantastic events overnight, but it’s really the talents of our facilities and creative teams who do the real magic. 

TLC BrinnoSetting up one of our TLC200s 

We thought we would try to catch some of their whirlwind activity on tape so we set up a couple TimeLapse cameras to watch some of the action. We set them up today and will share what we see once IrishFest starts.

It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks! Can’t wait to see what our cameras capture.

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