Selling (or Buying) a Car Has Never Been So Easy

May 4, 2012

So you have an extra car sitting around or you want to sell your existing car to ramp up your down payment for a new one. But the thought of having buyers come to your house doesn’t sound so appealing. SoCal Auto Showcase has the perfect solution. SCAS is at Fairplex on weekends with what they call a community display lot for used “for-sale-by-owner” cars. Sellers can bring their car here in a safe, mutual location.

Wallace Hagstrom, owner of SCAS, said selling personally owned cars at community lots is a new trend, one that he sees as a benefit to the seller and the buyer. Buyers can come and peruse a variety of cars in one location. Buyers inspect the vehicles and if interested they call the owner directly, arrange for a “test drive” (owner must be present) and make the deal!  Sellers bring cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, trailers and more (no cars older than 1975 accepted).

There are no commission fees, no middleman. Sellers deal directly with buyers. Sellers pay a fee for having their vehicle on the lot. Check out the website for pricing. The lot is located at Fairplex Gate 23 on Arrow Highway.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, sounds like a good deal – convenient and safe. Looks like I’ll be heading here in a few years for a certain teenager.

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