Behind-the-Scenes: Team Bonding at Fairplex

February 5, 2018

We ended last week on a positive note with a good old fashioned tailgate BBQ!

Usually our whole team is busy working on our various events, campus maintenance, community relations and any other number of Fairplex-related tasks, but every now and then we take a break to for some team bonding and fun in the sun.

We were all invited to wear our respective team jerseys and spend our Friday lunch hour feasting on burgers (grilled by none other than our CEO, Miguel Santana and Senior Vice President, Lucas Rivera!) and enjoying the glorious Southern California sunshine.

The Farm at Fairplex crew also brought some of our newly hatched feathered friends to play with: quail, silk chickens and even a baby duckling! We also got to say hello to some newborn bunnies, and some of the Farm’s friendliest rabbits.

Fairplex CEO Miguel Santana holds a Farm Angora rabbit

We were also invited to browse some newly harvested Farm greens, pickled vegetables and quail eggs for sale. We even sampled some fresh egg plant chips.

It’s always fun to bond with coworkers through delicious food, games and shared interests.

Whether you were rooting for the Eagles or the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday, we hope your weekend was as fun as ours!

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