Holidays at Fairplex Part I: Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center

December 13, 2017

What does a 487-acre campus look like during the holidays? Festive of course! Countless Christmas trees, fake snow (this is LA County after all), thousands of twinkling lights and even a reindeer or two can be spotted throughout our enormous campus. Take a look at some of our favorite spots in this two part series:

Holidays at Fairplex Part I: Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center

sheraton fairplex hotelHome to many end-of-year parties, the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center is full of festive vignettes, strings of lights cascading from the ceiling, smiling snowmen, and Christmas trees and snow in every corner. Check out some of the parties we’ve already hosted:

What many people don’t know is that our Creative team — the masterminds behind the LA County Fair exhibits — are also the elves who make the holiday magic happen too. Take a closer look at the vignettes with honorary Creative team member Sophie:

We are continually blown away by the attention to detail our team puts into creating the perfect Fairplex Winter Wonderland.

Stay tuned for a look at McKinley’s Grille, the Avalon and the rest of Fairplex during the holidays.

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