What does career and child development have in common with wine tasting and dancing the night away? In our case, everything.

On Saturday night the Wine & Spirits Marketplace opened its doors to the public for an evening of eating, drinking and being merry. Appropriately named Cheers – L.A.’s Wine, Spirits, Beer & Food Festival, the event celebrated two aspects of Fairplex: The Learning Centers and the Los Angeles International Competitions. Fundraising meets festivity.

Guests sampled award-winning wines, spirits and beers from the competition at their leisure before chowing down at the diverse array of food trucks outside the marketplace.

The expansive marketplace was divided into three sections: a wine garden, spirits lounge and beer tavern, similar to our set up during the L.A. County Fair. Guests could flit from station to station and learn a little bit about each of their samples.

Underlying all the merrymaking was one goal: supporting education and career development for Learning Center students–from the tiniest toddler to the most knowledgeable senior. The $50 admission price went towards the programs at The Learning Centers. While we are known for the L.A. County Fair and hosting year-round events, a big part of our core lies in CTEC (Career and Technical Education Center), CDC (Child Development Center) and our other education and leadership development programs.

It was fun to relax and enjoy the first weekend of summer at Fairplex. The dancing, the sips and swirls of wine and spirits, (no spitting here!) and the taste of thick, gooey grilled cheese and sugary frosted cupcakes–among the many other food truck options–made Saturday night one for the books.


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