5 Reasons to check out the Modern Pentathlon

January 24, 2017

“We enrich lives by entertaining and educating our diverse community through unique and memorable experiences.” That is the mission of Fairplex, and we are truly meeting our potential as we prepare to host the 2017 Modern Pentathlon!

While there are many reasons to attend this spectacular international competition, here are five of the reasons we are most excited about bringing this event to Fairplex:

fairplex modern pentathlon

5 Reasons To Check Out the Modern Pentathlon

1. The Olympic Experience: Did you know that the Modern Pentathlon is an Olympic sport? That’s right, several of our Modern Pentathlon athletes competed in the Rio Olympics last year. For many athletes, the World Cup is part of their journey to possibly compete in the 2020 Tokyo games. Fairplex has the honor of hosting the 2017 World Cup — the first of four — which will culminate in the Olympic trials in four years.

2. The Excitement: Pistol shooting. Fencing. Swimming. Horsemanship. Running. Pentathlon founder Baron de Coubertin wasn’t kidding when he said the Modern Pentathlon proves whether competitors are complete athletes — this event is about mental and physical prowess in equal measure. The adventure and action is non-stop, for athletes and spectators alike.

3. The History: 2017 marks the first year the international Modern Pentathlon competition will be in Southern California since the 1984 Olympic games, making this an historic moment not only for Fairplex, but for Southern California residents as well.

4. The Local Sports Community: This event is a big win for local sports fan. Where else, after all, do you get a chance to see an Olympic-class, international competition so close and personal? This is a chance to connect with neighbors who share a love of competitive sports, brush shoulders with world-class athletes, and take part of something that will lead to the 2020 Olympics (and beyond!)

5. The Celebrations: While most eyes are on who wins what, there is plenty of time for celebrations before, during and after the competition. From our Opening Ceremonies to the Modern Pentathlon Experience, there is something for everyone to learn, see and do.

These are just some of the reasons we’re excited about hosting the Modern Pentathlon World Cup. To learn more about this momentous event click here.

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