Wedding Decor 101: Inspiration From Our Fair-y Tale Weddings

February 16, 2016

The flurry of holiday engagement announcements have died down and wedding planning season is officially here. Since the Bride World Expo is at Fairplex this weekend we decided it was time to write a little post on weddings.

A couple years ago we hosted a series of Fair-y Tale Weddings at the LA County Fair. It was hot and it was crowded, but the wedding ceremonies were absolutely beautiful. Here are a few DIY decor tips as you start your own planning:

Tip #1: The decor is in the details
Our first Fair-y Tale Wedding was held on Picnic Hill, so of course we had a picnic theme! We chose the colors and theme before doing any purchasing or other decision making. We made sure every detail matched the color scheme and overall theme of the day, from the miniature picnic basket party favors to the wild flowers in mason jars.

Fair-y Tale Wedding

As you begin to choose flowers, table centerpieces, cakes and reception layout, having a color scheme and theme in place will help keep you focused and give you the time and mindset to add those little touches.

Tip #2: A few simple pieces go a long way
Our second wedding was an intimate, summery affair held in the Wedding Gardens at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel. We didn’t want the decor to be too decadent for this simple ceremony and we were able to put together a very cute, photo-friendly spread as part of the reception. 

Fair-y Tale Wedding

By adding a few extra touches — real lemons, pendants and crates holding candy jars and treats — we transformed a simple picnic table into a lovely party spread.

Tip #3: Play to the venue itself
Our final wedding took place on The Farm at Fairplex. It only made sense to choose a rustic theme for this happily-ever-after ceremony. We used hay bales for seats, hanging picture frames for photo opps and an endless amount of wildflowers, lace and pastel to accentuate the Farm’s natural setting.

If you’re planning on doing most of the wedding decor yourself, we recommend taking a look at wedding blogs and the mother of all DIY, Pinterest to get started. It is possible to create a fairy tale wedding on a low budget with just a little creativity and know-how!

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