A word on weddings

February 4, 2013

Once upon a time there was a land of deep-fried Twinkies, sparkling Ferris wheels and farm animals. This place was called the L.A. County Fair… 


Every year in September, Fairplex campus transforms into a glittering world of carnival rides, concerts, acrobats and food galore. For the lucky few (1.4 million, to be exact) who journeyed here, this play land will forever be known as the Fair.

Until now.

So exactly what happens when the rides are packed away? Do the grounds just become a wasteland of discarded trash and fading memories? Or are new stories created instead?

The Fair ends but the story is far from over…

Tucked into a corner of Fairplex, often forgotten during the Fair’s bustling presence lies the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel. Between the the hotel pavilions, gardens and ballrooms there are plenty of sites perfect for everyone’s favorite fairy tale: the wedding day.

Photo by Laurel Isle Photography (laurelislephotography.showitsite.com)

Fairplex specializes in event planning for trade shows, fairs, expos and on an entirely different spectrum, weddings. In this three-part series we will cover the following topics:

1. Clients: How to build a relationship, keep them happy and execute their event flawlessly
2. Creating a unique destination for each new client
3. Up-and-coming trends in the wedding and catering industry

Happy reading!

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