Urban Farming: Water Preservation

January 20, 2016

It’s no secret that The Farm at Fairplex is sustainability-conscious. We make an effort to make all our systems as energy-efficient and resource-savvy as possible, including the way we regulate irrigation.

Urban Farm SustainabilityBeneath the peaceful exterior of The Farm lies intricate sustainability systems 

Along with our vertical farming system, we also use a state-of-the-art weather reactive time clock with an on-site mini weather station to regulate irrigation. This not only prevents water waste, but minimizes the resources we need for irrigation. 

We save more than 12,000 feet of copper wire that would have been required if we had used the old standard of irrigation installation and wiring.

Urban farming As for the weather clock, it reacts to daily weather changes and automatically modifies or delays irrigation based on The Farm’s actual needs. It helps correct accidental run times that could cause excess water usage, leaching water and wasting precious soil nutrients and fertilizers past the root zones.

We are dedicated to keeping at the top of industry standards for irrigation, using the latest in drip-tape, drip-tube, drip emmitter, spitter stick and bubbler technology to minimize the waste of water through evaporation and splash.

urban farming We decide on the type of irrigation to use for each crop based on how long the plant is grown and the best water supply system for each soil type (i.e. planted in the ground, on a raised bed, in a portable container etc.)

Like children, all plants have their specific needs and using the wrong system just wastes precious water and fails to irrigate soil correctly. We take the responsibility of urban farming seriously and we look forward to another year at The Farm!

To learn more about The Farm at Fairplex, visit us at mckinleysgrille.com.

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