Food Hack: From Scraps to Snacks

December 3, 2015

Did you know that half the world’s food supply goes to waste? It’s time to combat food waste by cooking smart. Enter the Scrappy Food Movement.

Chef Teig incorporates fresh Farm ingredients into the daily menus at McKinley’s Grille.

The Scrappy Food Movement is just taking off as chefs across the nation, including our resident chef David Teig, are creating delicious dishes from their cooking scraps. Read on to see how you can “food hack” your own table scraps: 

3 Scrappy Food Snack Ideas

  • Butter Alternative: Leftover herbs can be frozen with olive oil in ice cube trays. Once frozen it can be used as butter in pasta, spread or a sauté.

  • Veggie Chips: Outer kale leaves, usually too tough to eat, can be brushed with oil, salted and baked into gourmet kale chips. Similarly, potato peels can also be baked in the oven and made into potato chips.

  • Beet Tops: Beet top greens are actually delicious when steamed and sautéed with butter, salt & pepper or your favorite seasonings.  

Chef Teig has more Scrappy Food hacks under his sleeve. Tune into The Fork Reporter on KFI 640 AM this Saturday and get the scoop!  

Food is a huge part of Fairplex culture. Between McKinley’s Grille and The Farm At Fairplex Dinner Series there are a ton of “scrappy” resources available. We look forward to continuing this movement for years to come!

To learn more about The Farm at Fairplex and our dining experiences, check out

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