2015 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

April 9, 2015

Judges from around the world have come together at the Sheraton Fairplex for the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) competition. Due to the high number of entries and the time needed for judging, the competition is divided into two: the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

Official judges and guest judges go through dozens of olive oils in a day. Contrary to popular belief, judging olive oils is not just about the taste; judges have to go through a process that consists of swirling, warming the oil for a minute or two, taking a good whiff of the aroma, tasting and spitting before finally putting pen to paper and doing the actual scoring.

Judge and sensory scientist, Sue Langstaff, shared with us the purpose of this competition:

Nancy Bates has helped at this event for the last 8 years, so check out what she had to say about the EVOO competition:

The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere judging ensures that all oils are judged at their freshest and best.  The award‐winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils will be displayed at the 93rd anniversary of the LA County Fair, Sept. 4 ‐ 27, 2015, so stay tuned!

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