3 St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

February 20, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun excuse to be crafty and spend some creative quality time with your kids. Here are 3 St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas collected from Pinterest:

1. Blarney Stones 

Blarney Stone Craft St Patricks DayVisit SheKnows.com for this and other craft ideas

Kori Ellis from SheKnows wrote a fun post on making your own Blarney Stone. Irish legend says that if you kiss the Blarney Stone of Blarney Castle in Ireland you will receive the gift of eloquence. Transform a smooth river rock into a Blarney Stone with the kids.


  • smooth, clean rock
  • paint brush
  • green paint
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • markers
  • yarn
  • sequins, glitter (optional)
  1. Wash and dry the rock, and then paint the entire rock with green paint.
  2. After the paint is completely dry, use glue to attach googly eyes and draw a face with markers.
  3. Add yarn to make hair and other embellishments to decorate the Blarney Stone.
  4. Tell your child the story of the Blarney Stone while they are creating their craft project.

You can make your own blarney stone at IrishFest in the kids section!

2. Make Your Own Rainbow 

Amy from One Artsy Mama shared a post on how to make your own rainbow. All you need is a piece of paper, glue, Fruit Loops and cotton balls. Now that’s a good way to put all that sugar to use!

Fruit Loop rainbow craft idea Find other fun craft ideas at One Artsy Mama 

3. Stained Glass Shamrock

Tammy from Housing a Forest wrote an easy-to-follow blog post on making your own stained glass shamrock sun catchers.

Stained Glass Shamrocks by Housing A Forest 


  • Cardboard template of a shamrock (just use a piece of an old cereal box and trace the outline of a shamrock before cutting. Click here for an example.)
  • Basic paint brushes
  • Black tempera paint
  • Large Coffee Filter
  • Green and Yellow Liquid Water Colors
  • Pipette (infant medication droppers work great too)
  • Glue stick


1. Paint the template black. (Make sure the kids are painting on a protective surface!) Set       the template aside to dry.
2. Place your coffee filter onto a shallow tray to help contain the mess (a Styrofoam meat       tray works great).  Use the Medicine dropper or pipette to squeeze up the liquid                   watercolor and then squirt it onto the coffee filter.
3. Once everything is dry, glue the colorful filter onto the backside of the cardboard using        your glue stick.
4.  Hang up your new shamrock sun catchers and enjoy their beauty!

For step-by-step instructions and photos read the original post by Housing A Forest.

IrishFest has us breathing shamrocks and pots of (faux) gold at Fairplex and we cannot wait to open our doors to you. If you plan on bringing the kids to IrishFest make sure to stop by the games and crafts sections for a full day of Irish fun!

For more information on IrishFest, visit www.irishfestatfairplex.com.


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