Event Industry News: New Orleans parade turns dangerous

May 13, 2013

New Orleans Mother’s Day parade gone wrong: Multiple gunmen opened fire on participants of a second-line Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans. At least 19 civilians were injured; thankfully no fatalities have been reported. Investigations are underway in identifying the culprits. The second-line parade is a common cultural event in the city–a brass band marches down the street followed by a second-line of celebratory groups.

Moving forward with Google Glass: Google Glass may not be on the market for awhile but it will come and people will buy. That being said, several venues are banning the device including dive bars and several locations in Las Vegas.

Google gives potential customers a look into Glass potential

Technology: Smartphones are the norm. 3-D screens might be the next novelty. Acording to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is in the process of creating their own line of smartphones, one of which allows for 3-D images, no glasses required. Using a retina-tracking program, users can navigate through their phones using only their eyes and bring holograph-like images to “float” on their screens. Whether this will be a passing, expensive fad or a requirement for all phones following it is up for debate.

And speaking of smartphones, they now emit scents.

Gatsby: With Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby debuting in theaters this past weekend, it’s no surprise that the Roaring 20s are more popular than ever. Halloween will likely see an extra flapper or two than normal and the event industry will be no different. Special Events Magazine’s latest online poll reveals an increase in requests for Gatsby and 1920s themed parties for event planners.

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