Fairplex Weekend Recap: Reptile Super Show 2015

January 12, 2015

Thousands of cold-blooded guests took up residence at Fairplex this weekend at the annual Reptile SuperShow.

It’s not often we see so many colorful creatures in one place and it made for quite the visual in our expo halls.

Reptile enthusiasts of all ages came together to learn, chat and shop for the newest and best products for their beloved pets.

Mrs. Kipler from the Disney Channel Show "Jessie"

Photo taken from Reptile Super Show Facebook page 

As one of the largest reptile shows in the entire world, “celebrity” appearances were inevitable. One of these stars was Frank, a 7-foot long water monitor lizard fondly known as house pet Mrs. Kipling on Disney Channel’s “Jessie.”

Other critters included albino snakes, enormous boa constrictors, bearded dragon lizards, chameleons of every color, frogs, turtles and geckos. All in all, a great weekend on campus!

For more information on the Reptile Super Show visit www.reptilesupershow.com. For upcoming Fairplex events visit www.fairplex.com.

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