Event Industry News: LACMA gets a facelift

May 6, 2013

LACMA: Next month the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will reveal plans for a $650 million for a new museum building. The upside: It would be one of the most impressive architectural feats of Los Angeles since the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The downside: As one building rises, two have to fall, including the original LACMA campus. “Urban Light” – the museum’s outdoor exhibit – is already an iconic piece of Los Angeles.

Quiet times: The Los Angeles Formula E race will take place on the streets of downtown in 2014. Race cars will zoom through the city at 140 mph although the whir of engines will be hard to hear — all the vehicles are electric (for the first time in history.) The event is part of a tournament with races taking place in 10 cities around the world including Rome, Buenos Aires and London. Miami and Los Angeles are the only two cities to host in the United States.

Blue skies ahead: According to the latest research conducted by IMEX, the IMEX America Index of Optimism reveals that the majority of the event industry looks with positivity towards the future of the industry. The survey reported increased budgets, a focus on reducing costs and continuation “green” initiatives.


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