5 Ways to Keep a Bridezilla Happy (Weddings Part 2)

February 7, 2013

When it comes to weddings let’s be honest: It’s all about the bride. And her mom.

Whether you’re a hotel, a restaurant, a museum or a country club, your willingness to accommodate, communicate and facilitate a wedding is crucial in building business AND in keeping your customer calm.

Here are five tips for keeping even the most temperamental of bridezillas happy:

1. Com·mu·ni·cate
When drafting and reviewing the contract between you and the bride make sure everyone is on the same page. Establish your role: you are a business, not a personal assistant. This is the time to get a clear picture of what the bride wants for her wedding. But signing a contract is only the first step. As a venue host, keep in constant contact with your bride, from day one all the way to the day of “I do.” Schedule meetings throughout the planning process between yourself, the wedding planner and the bride.

Let her know about your venue’s policies regarding all things: catering, floral arrangements, alcohol and fire regulations, room capacity, extra fees, the whole nine yards. Most important, keep tabs on the details. The last thing your client needs is you failing to tell them that the bridesmaids juggling flaming batons down the aisle just isn’t gonna fly.

2. The Center of Attention: Population Bride
Some people act as if its all about them. And in this case, it is. It’s about the bride, the groom and their big day. They are thinking of family expectations, bridal parties, honeymoon, reception, clothing, food, band vs DJ and  then actually paying for the whole thing. Their stress levels are on high so try your best to be understanding. While it’s never acceptable for a bride to be rude, being sympathetic and anticipating her needs will make things easier for her. Remember: This is (usually) her first time planning her wedding. You are the expert here.

3. Operation Organization
Know your stuff. Know your bride’s stuff. Keep up-to-date with preparations and work with her to keep your ducks all in a row. Lock down the number of guests attending, seating arrangements, DJ or band placement, technology needs, parking issues, dining options, noise level, time slots for wedding and reception etc.


4. Be creative (within reason)
One of my favorite parts about wedding venues is when a blank canvas transforms into something beautiful and original, a perfect tribute to the ceremony about to take place. And it doesn’t happen by magic. A ballroom, a courtyard, a barn, a theme park, a vineyard… whatever your space is, work with your bride to create a space unique to her taste.

Lay out all the options: floral arrangements, linen choices, lighting and other elements of decor. Know your floor space and the various layouts. Chances are, the bride has gone Pinterest-happy and has quite a few good ideas up her sleeve too.

5. Be present
Follow through. From the initial planning stages all the way to the execution of the event, make sure you are available for the bride and that she knows you are accessible. At her beck and call? Not necessarily. Overseer of execution? Absolutely.

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