Welcome to the new layout of the Fairplex Insider blog. We plan to bring you all the latest on what’s happening at Fairplex and info on the latest trends and issues as it relates to Fairplex, and on things we like. To kick us off this week, guest blogger Kristy D. is talking shoes and hot rods.

The roar of the engines, the flash of the lights, cruising down the…runway?  This Spring expect to see some interesting fashions showing up from the illustrious house of Prada.  Inspired by the sleek stylings of mid-century American automobiles, the Spring/Summer shoe line is a blast from the past for many people.  The shoes feature spoilers, flames and even lights.  Bringing a vintage feel into the modern era, the new shoes from Prada are beautiful, intriguing and whimsical.  Who would have ever thought to turn those 1950s Caddy tailfins into a heel?  While many in the fashion world are applauding the shoes, how will the public react to them? 

I admit, they are not as hideous as some designer shoes I’ve seen (Madonna shoes, ugh!) but I’m still not sure if I would walk around in a pair, even if I had a place to wear them to.
This isn’t the first time a name brand has turned to cars for inspiration (Air Jordan 14’s anyone?) but this may be the first time I’ve ever seen a pair of shoes with taillights.  One thing that could make these better is if you could signal.

Now, I know not everyone can afford Prada, but if you still want to get a look at that smooth styling, come on down to Fairplex this weekend and check out the Grand National Roadster Show running this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Get ticket information here.

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