Dr. Oktoberfest visits Fairplex (+ GIVEAWAY)

October 21, 2013

Dr. Oktoberfest takes over Oktoberfest at Fairplex

As October nears an end so does Oktoberfest at Fairplex. This is the last weekend to get your fill of bratwurst, burgers and beer on our grounds so we recommend coming out for an evening or two. Dr. Oktoberfest made a visit to Fairplex this past weekend to check out the Oktoberfest activities and make sure his patients were having as much fun as possible.

We would like to get just a few more of you into the celebration so we are doing a FINAL giveaway for the weekend. Like our past two giveaways, this package will include the following:

  • 2 Oktoberfest admission tickets
  • 2 sixteen oz. beer coupons
  • 2 meal passes
  • 1 Oktoberfest hat

To enter, just leave a comment telling us your favorite Fall tradition in the box below. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 23 at 3 p.m.

Good luck and we hope you can make it out to Oktoberfest before we close for the year. As the video says… it’s your prescription for fun!


  1. My Favorite thing about fall holidays Tradition is that right after Halloween and Oktoberfest their is the Tree Lighting Ceremonies . This to me, lets you know that the year is coming to a close all the fun and crazy shopping, and preparation is winding down and it is time to start thinking and getting into the mood for family and for sharing and giving. Followed by one big end of the Year Bash. New Years Eve Parties. Good Times!

  2. My favorite fall tradition is making tamales and pies with my mom, grandma, sister, aunt, niece and cousins! <3

  3. I love the weather this time around and the upcoming holidays to spend with my kids and family , just thinking about baking and shopping for the holidays also volunteering to help feed the homeless is a plus !! And the toy giveaways for the kids we love to be apart of all that I can’t wait ! thanks for this giveaway ! Good luck people .

  4. Making festive treats to eat!

  5. My favorite thing is my 3 boys thanksgiving vacation from school and spending time with them making hand turkeys.

  6. My favorite fall tradition? That’s a hard question, fall has always been my favorite time of year for many reasons. First kiss at 16 that lead to first love. Moved to California from Chicago 31 years ago today and fell in love with October in Southern California. Love to cook up fall feasts and spend time with family. LOVE October Fests and allready hold 2 stein lifting championships in 2 states and need another one from Fairplex October fest!

  7. Our fav fall tradition is making posole and tamales from scratch with a kitchen full of family members of all ages helping out in someway while music and laughter fills the house. These are memories and traditions that are ment to be everlasting.

  8. I love going up to Oak Glen to get some apples and cider

  9. My favorite fall tradition is apple picking and all the fall festivals.

  10. My husband & I would like to make our new fall tradition going to Oktoberfest!

  11. My wife & I would like to make attending the Fairplex’s Oktoberfest our new Fall tradition!!!

  12. Oktoberfest!!!

  13. I love getting dressed up for any occasion and hanging out with friends. In fall I get to dress up twice, Octoberfest and Halloween. I love an excuse to drink :).

  14. My favorite thing about fall is getting together with family and friends on weekends enjoying the weather at sunset having a cold beer or two and of course leading up to Thanksgiving day have a pot luck and prepare for the New Year!

  15. My favorite thing is cinnamon pine cones! I love the way our house feels like home with that scentHi there!

    My name is Veronica Herrera and this is my pity plea for assistance. My husband has been off work for 6 months and I have been working my tail off to pay the bills. I need a night out but can’t afford it. Please choose us. We are loyal Oktoberfest attenders and I would hate to miss this year due to our misfortune

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