Grand National Roadster’s is the Grand Daddy of Them All

January 28, 2011

Our super-duper graphic artist Nate the Great shares the 411 on the Grand National Roadster Show this weekend:

Many things to look forward to this weekend – and the Kragen O’Reilly 62nd Grand National Roadster Show is on the top of my list! It will be my 1st time going and I hear it is “The Grand Daddy of them all!” This show definitely looks grand, taking up almost all the buildings at Fairplex and showing more than 500 custom rotall trophyadsters competing for awards, including a 9-foot-tall trophy to honor America’s Most Beautiful Roadster. I’ve seen the photos and 2010’s hotrod was pretty dang beautiful, I can’t wait to see who wins it this year.


I just looked at their schedule and it looks like this show is going to ROCK. Don’t be fooled by the name, there is more than just hotrods. Crackle Cars firing up, contests, loud music, special guest appearances, hot pin-up girls and cool low riders. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Today, looks like they’re taking it easy with just a few things on the agenda. Model Car Contest and Customs: “Then and Now” happening in Building 5 all day from noon – 9 p.m. I’m really excited to hear Vicky Tafoya & the Big Beat who will be performing and taking me back to the days of swing, blues, and good ol’ fashion rock-n-roll.

Saturday, Jan. 29, things get HOT! The GNRS drive-ins begin at 10a.m. and the special guests arrive! Among them are Bryan Fuller with “The Impaler,” Nathan Kress – “Freddie” of iCarly, Courtney Hansen and Lee Reherman “Hawk” of American Gladiator. Doo-Wop, or “vocalized harmony,” is one of my favorite genres and I cannot wait to hear Lil Mo & the DynaFlo’s serenade the crowd (and myself) with some Doo-Wop classics. Also, the 1st round of awards ceremonies take place including the trophy queen contest and the Saturday Drive-In Awards. I’m not sure what the trophy queen contest is all about but whatever it is it sounds interesting.

Sunday, Jan. 30, the last day. The Mighty Mojos Prophets will be the entertainment for the night and the moment everyone is waiting for begins at 4 p.m. The 62nd Annual GNRS Awards Ceremony will be held at the building 4 stage and someone’s hotrod will be named America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and somebody is going to have to carry around a 9-foot- tall trophy.

Definitely looking forward to a great time at the Kragen O’Reilly 62nd  Grand National Roadster Show. What are you most excited to check out?

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