caged_ink_resized1Caged Ink. Ya gotta love the name of this event. Billed as “something that has never been brought together under one roof,” it’s a combo tattoo, extreme sports, paintball, battle of the bands, trucks, BMX, FMX, and surf shops. (Surf shops?) They’ve even thrown in an MMA Cage Fight. Not my thing, but hey, there’s stuff here for everyone’s taste. I can tell you from my preliminary visit Friday afternoon when things were just getting started that it promises to deliver all of the above and more for just $20. Is it an accident that this is all happening on the anniversary of Woodstock? I think not. (Note: If Woodstock is ancient history to you, remember that Woodstock is the reason you have events like Caged Ink now: nearly 400,000 college kids and about 30 bands did things that upstate New Yorkers have not imagined since. Totally epic.) So come on down.
Caged Ink
Saturday 1 – 10 p.m.
Sunday 1 – 9 p.m.
Fairplex 4 and grounds
Park at Gate 9 on White Ave.
One Day Admission: $20
VIP pass: $100 (all events + VIP room and afterparty)


  1. I’m goin, mostly to get another tat, but also cuz its the place to be seen, dude. It’s flippin’ wild!!!

  2. The westside beaches will be represented. NE1 up for tailgating? Lookin 4 a party and have never been to the 909.

  3. Here are a few that are on the line-up today: Punkass, Sky Scrape, & Mr. Cartoon @ Tapout, Commonwealth and Attica Freakshow

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