We’re Looking for a Few Good Monsters

June 18, 2010

scareIf you have what it takes to frighten people off their feet, stop by Fairplex on June 26 for an open audition for our Halloween attraction, Nightmare at Scareview Farms. We’re holding a Scareview Idol-type of audition and we are in need of ghouls, zombies, pirates and monsters! So get your creep on and try out.

Auditions will be at the Big Red Barn, home to Scareview Farms come October, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enter at Gate 1 and you’ll be directed to the parking lot. All you need are your bloodcurdling screams and scary voices – costumes will be provided.

Scareview Farms will have five haunted mazes this year. Our resident psycho, Pitchfork the menacing farmer, is looking for a bride, so be careful! He may literally take your hand in marriage.


  1. My question is. Would you have any other auditions? I missed the audition and wanted to try this out.

  2. resident of Pomona for 32 yrs.,(i’m 32…lol.) always wanted to be a part of a Halloween shin dig!…i can scream,be scary and creepy and i can do some cool make-up, I’ve always been the one who does everyones makeup on halloween…i would even be willing to volunteer just to get the experience! please contact me!! i live less than a mile from fairplex! WILL WORK FOR FREE! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  3. IF we missed the open auditions can we still audition October?

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