June Vroom!

It looked like this on June 3 before the races started.


On Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 8, it will look and sound like this!

Nearly 10,000 race fans per day come to see and experience Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) at Fairplex. This is fast, dirty, fender-to-bumper action with 2- and 4-wheel drive trucks. You can see pretty much the entire action from anywhere in the stands. Friday, June 6 is practice and qualifying; races are Saturday and Sunday. General admission is $30.

What you might not know: The CORR folks literally dig up the pavement and reconstruct a part of the Fairplex grounds, turning it into an off-road dirt track. When it’s over, they repave it and it looks just like the usual mild-mannered Fairplex grounds.

Vroom with a view – and it’s almost free

If CORR isn’t your thing, you’ve still got options this weekend at Fairplex. The 22nd Annual Spring Boat Show has more than 350,000 square feet of everything that floats, from runabouts and fishing craft to ski boats and cabin cruisers. Admission is $10, but if you go to the Southern California Marine Association web site, you can get in for $2 (www.scma.com). Runs from Thursday, June 5 – Sunday, June 8.


You’re gonna need a motorhome to haul that new speedboat to one of the Golden State’s many recreational waterways, so you can go on over to the White Avenue lot for the Giant L.A. RV Show. Free admission to this one. Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 15, which is Dad’s Day. Shopping opportunity here, folks.


  1. Let me just say that CORR rules!!! I’ll be there this weekend. I love that Fairplex has so many different events going on at any given time – I can’t keep track of all the computer shows, llama shows, RV shows, car shows … it never ends! The best is the guitar show y’all have every August … I dig it the most. Have more guitar shows! See you at CORR … and at the Fair too!

  2. Haha nice i like how all this stuff ties in. It’s cool that we can have huge off road racing stuff in LA County.

  3. So cool CORR is coming back! I just saw a rerun of the last CORR Fairplex event on tv the other day. My kids love the dirt-flying action! Can’t wait for this weekend!

  4. I love CORR! I especially love that there are three (3) CORR events at Fairplex this year!! The speed, the action and the food are three (3) great reasons why I was there in April and will be out there this weekend and again in August! Route 66 BBQ & a Margarita! That’s livin’!!

  5. This is the best. What guy could resist this? Bring the wife and kids. Guaranteed to excite.

  6. Love CORR! Can’t wait to see the races this weekend, some bbq and beer! There’s a boat show and RV show as well… hmmm. Interesting!

  7. Wonder how many people are buying boats or RVs these days. 6mpg in an RV? $5.50 a gallon at the boat dock?


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