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May 21, 2008

People! There’s a lot of stuff going on here at Fairplex – besides the Fair. Sure, the Fair is our biggest event, but Fairplex is more than giant turkey legs and carnival rides. Way more. I happen to know all about what goes on because I work here and I’m going to share some of the inside scoop with you in the Fairplex Insider blog – hence the precious user name, Scoopster.

Ok. What’s happening at Fairplex? You’d think things might be slow around here, what with the end-of-school-what-can-I-do-with-the-kids dilemma hanging heavy on parents’ collective minds. Not so. There are more than 20 events going on between now and the end of June. Some are even free (or nearly free). Check out full calendar listings at Fairplex.com


The coolest thing to do this weekend at Fairplex



The Mission Circuit Dog Show (Thursday, May 22 – Monday, May 26, 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.) is one of the largest dog shows in the country. You don’t have to travel to New York City to see a huge variety of breeds strutting their pouffed-up, blown-dry stuff. It’s like a live version of the Best in Show movie (about the world famous Westminster Dog Show). Tip: The humans are as much fun to watch as the dogs, skipping around the ring, dog cookies at the ready. 

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If you’re thinking about getting a warm and fuzzy 4-legged friend to take home with you, this is the place to investigate more than 140 breeds all in one place.


This is a huge dog show covering several Fairplex buildings and outdoor areas. It’s very affordable entertainment, too. General admission is only $6. Park for $8 at Gate 17 on Fairplex Drive. Or go for valet parking at the Sheraton Fairplex parking lot and it’s only $5 more.


See you next post!


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  1. I have a Dalmatian and I love coming to the dog show!

  2. I had no idea the Fairplex was more than the L.A. County Fair! Who knew? I will bring the boys to the Twilight Cruise, Auto Swap Meet, Boat Show… and Championship Off Road Racing! They will be so excited. I am even anxious to see what these events are all about! See you there Scoopster.

  3. If you are a dog lover, the dog show is a great way to see many different breeds in one spot!

  4. I love this event! I found my dog here. Great breeders, wonderful and very sweet dogs. The people-watching is unmatched. Check it out if you have a chance, you will keep coming back.

  5. How many dogs in show? Do you post winners? What was best dog in show?

  6. We just came to the Mission Circuit Dog Show and it was just so much fun seeing all the different breed of dogs.

  7. Hey, ovrcndlstk…or maybe I should say (guess) that it’s Jack? Scoopster here.

    There are 144 breeds, according to the Mission Circuit folks. There were more than 2,500 individual entries each day of the event. Results of the event will be posted later today on the American Kennel Club web site (akc.org), so I’ll keep you posted on that!

  8. So I was cruising around the dog show and I haven’t seen that much aqua net and teasing since Hairspray! I’m thinking this gives all new meaning to ’80’s Big Hair (of which I was a poster child). Great event for sure and tons of fun for the kids.

  9. Ruff!!! Cool video what’s next at Fairplex! I heard CORR was coming back to the Fairplex, is this true.

  10. Nice to see Fairplex has jumped on the Blog bandwagon! I did attend the dog show and thought it was very entertaining. The dogs were beautiful! I am interested in sewing and craft shows, so I hope you can offer the inside “scoop” on those!

  11. Wine and cars on 6/14. Two out of three of my favorite things. And two out of three ain’t bad.

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