2022 LA County Fair to Launch Competition Entries and Vendor Applications

2022 LA County Fair to Launch Competition Entries and Vendor Applications

December 20, 2021

Great News! The 2022 LA County Fair Competition Entries and Vendor Applications are set to go live in January 2022! If you are an individual looking to be a vendor at the 2022 LA County Fair or are looking to enter one of our many competitions, we encourage you to remain informed on everything LA County Fair throughout the month of January.

Here is a list of this year’s competitions:

Youth Divisions

Photography (Human, Non-Human Species, Landscape/Scenery, Inanimate Objects, 100th Fair Anniversary), Tablescaping, Arts & Crafts (Wood, Paper Arts, Pencil Art, Painting), Clothing & Textiles, Jewelry, Needle Art, Pottery, Quilting, Baked Goods & Confections (Leavened Bread, Quick Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Pie, Sugar Art), Preserves (Preserved Fruits, Preserved Vegetables, Vegetable Pickles, Jelly, Jam), Collections (Any)

Photography 2022

Photography – Professional (Human, Non-Human Species, Landscape/Scenery, Inanimate Objects, 100th Fair Anniversary), Photography – Amateur (Human, Non-Human Species, Landscape/Scenery, Inanimate Objects, 100th Fair Anniversary)

Culinary 2022

Tablescaping, Doorscaping

Baked Goods & Confections – Leavened Bread (French, White, Wheat, Whole Grain, Special Ingredient, Sourdough, Focaccia, Special Diet), Baked Goods & Confections – Quick Bread (Fruit, Fruit & Nut, Nut, Vegetable, Special Diet, Biscuits, Muffins, Scones, Other), Baked Goods & Confections – Cookies (Bar, Brownies, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Shortbread, Peanut Butter, Sugar & Snickerdoodle, Special Diet), Baked Goods & Confections – Cakes (Fruit, Carrot, Chocolate, Fruitcake, Pound, Bundt Cake, Special Diet, Other), Baked Goods & Confections – Pie (Non-Refrigerated, Double-crust, Single-crust, Refrigerated), Baked Goods & Confections – Confections (Brittle, Caramel, Truffle/Ganache, English Toffee, Fudge, Other), Baked Goods & Confections – Sugar Art (Single Layer, Tier Cake, Novelty, Shape, Original or Carved, Special Occasion, Cupcake)

Preserves – Preserved Fruits (Fruit, Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Other), Preserves – Preserved Vegetables (Beans, string, Carrots, Tomato, stewed, Tomato, whole, Other), Preserves – Vegetable Pickles (Dill, Sweet, Other), Preserves – Relishes (Vegetable, Fruit, Chutney, Other), Preserves – Sauces (Ketchup, Barbeque, Salsa, Other), Preserves – Fermented Foods (Kimchi, Hot Sauce, Sauerkraut, Other), Preserves – James (Single, Mixed Fruits, Other), Preserves – Jelly (Single, Mixed, Other), Preserves – Preserves & Conserves (Single, Mixed, Other), Preserves – Marmalades (Single Citrus, Citrus Combination, Other), Preserves – Dried Fruits or Vegetables (Fruit, Vegtable), Preserves – Jerky (Beef, Poultry, Other), Preserves – Kitchen Cordials (Coffee Based, Fruit, Any other liqueur)

Home Arts 2022

Quilt Block Challenge (Quilt Block), 100th Anniversary Quilt Block (Quilt Block)

Arts & Crafts – Hand Painted China, Arts & Crafts – Polymer Clay, Arts & Crafts – Mosaics, Arts & Crafts – Toys, Arts & Crafts – Wood, Arts & Crafts – Gourd Art, Arts & Crafts – Paper Arts (Scrapbooking, Cards & Invitations, Rubber Stamping, Mixed Media, Other), Arts & Crafts – Anime Drawings (Hand Drawn, Computer Generated), Arts & Crafts – Pencil Art, Arts & Crafts – Crafts, Other, Arts & Crafts – Painting: Amateur (Realistic, Water Color, Decorative Painting/Tole Art, Whimsical), Arts & Crafts – Painting: Professional (Realistic, Water Color, Decorative Painting/Tole Art, Whimsical)

Costume, Clothing & Textiles – Clothing, Costume, Clothing & Textiles – Textiles, Clothing & Textiles – Handmade Purses, Clothing & Textiles – Embellished Ready-Made Clothing & Accessories, Clothing & Textiles – Free Motion Machine Embroidery

Jewelry – Metal Work Jewelry, Jewelry – Wire Work Jewelry, Jewelry – Beadwork Jewelry

Needle Art – Crocheted Clothing, Needle Art – Crocheted Afghans & Articles, Needle Art – Hand Weaving, Needle Art – Hand Knitted Clothing, Needle Art – Hand Knitted Afghans & Articles, Needle Art – Cross Stitch, Needle Art – Brazilian Embroidery, Needle Art – Hand Embroidery, Needle Art – Needle Point & Petit Point, Needle Art – Lace, Needle Art – Hooked, Needle Art – Dolls

Help a Child Smile

Pottery – Wheel Thrown (Vase, Bowl, Plate or Platter, Other), Pottery – Hand Built (Vase, Bowl, Plate or Platter, Other), Pottery – Low Fire (Slip Cast or Molded, Hand Built, Wheel Thrown)

Quilting – Hand Quilted (Traditional Quilt, Miniature Quilt, Mixed Technique), Quilting – Machine Quilted (Traditional Quilt, Mixed Technique, Machine Applique, Embroidered Machine-Quilted), Quilting – Long Arm Technique (Self Quilted, Professionally Quilted), Quilting – Innovative Quilts, Quilting – Group Quilts, Quilting – Quilted Articles

Collections (LA County Fair, Miniatures & Figurines, Any)

What are your favorite categories of competition entries to view at the Fair? For the most recent updates, please keep a lookout on lacountyfair.com and be sure to follow our social media channels (@lacountyfair)!

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