Food Competitions Come to a Close

September 30, 2012

From the first weekend of the Fair we have had non-stop food competitions, from the Ghirardelli chocolate creations to cupcake mixtures, from grilled cheese recipes to BBQ cook-offs, the list goes on and on. Sadly, the fun had to end this afternoon but we had some fun with pizza and salad!

Peggy Linberg from Upland took first in the pizza category with her four-cheese arugula and pine nuts recipe while Montebello resident Joanne Magno took second prize with her sausage and pepper mixture. Lauren Jarvis placed third with his smoked salmon, dill and goat cheese pizza.
The salad competition was a unique blend of flavors from every entry. The three categories were pasta, vegetarian and meat salads. Peggy placed first in the vegetarian category with her Mediterranean quinoa salad, served in a lettuce bowl. First place in the pasta category went to Lauren Jarvis for his beautiful oriental pasta salad and George Rametta placed first in the meat category for his rasberry asada steak salad, mixed with avocado and feta cheese.
All in all, the final food competition was the perfect end to the Fair, mixing the sinfully cheesy pizzas with the refreshing flavors of salad. Personally, my favorite competition to watch was the Ghirardelli one. You just can’t beat the sweet scent of chocolate! Each event featured an incredibly large pool of talent and creativity, however. I wonder what next year will bring…

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