LA County Fair FAQs

For additional information about the LA County Fair, visit our website at
Q: What promotions are you offering at LACF?
We have several on going promotions throughout the Fair. You can view all of our deals on LA County Fair’s Special Offers pageClick here to go straight to our ticketing page.
Q: When does the 2017 LA County Fair open?
We are open Friday, Sept. 1 – Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017. We are closed every Monday and Tuesday for the duration of the Fair, not including Labor Day Monday. We will be open Wednesdays – Sundays for the duration of September.
Q: What are your operating hours?
Our hours are available on our General Info page.
Q: Is LA County Fair admission included when we purchase concert tickets?
Q: Do you give out free concert tickets?
A limited number of general admission concert tickets are available the day of the show, beginning at 2 p.m. at the ticket booth on Rose Ave. Tickets are given away on a first come, first serve basis.
Q: Can I bring wagons and coolers into LACF?
Patrons are allowed to bring single wagons; no attached wagon trains are permissible on Fairplex property, any attached cooler compartment cannot exceed 12” x 18”.
Q: Do you rent out wheelchairs and strollers?
We offer a variety of mobile transportation options. Please visit our website for pricing.
Q: Are pets allowed into the LA County Fair?
Bringing pets on Fairplex grounds is not allowed, with the exception of service animals.
Q: What are the RCS ride requirements?
You must be 36″ or taller to ride any of our carnival attractions. Some rides have additional height restrictions.
Q: What are the restrictions on season passes?
Season passes are valid during all operating hours of the LA County Fair. Season passes are non-transferable and may only be used by the person whose name is on the pass. Additional restrictions and information on season passes are available on our ticket page.
Q: Can I bring alcohol or other beverages into the LA County Fair?
Bringing alcoholic beverages, narcotics or any illegal substances onto LA County Fair property is strictly prohibited.
Q: Do you have Guest Relations staff at LA County Fair if I need help?
LA County Fair personnel are available on site for public assistance:
Blue Gate entrance (Palm St.)
Yellow Gate entrance (Magnolia St.)
Green Gate entrance (near Toyota display)
Contact at for additional questions you may have.
Q: Do you have a Lost and Found?
Yes. Our Lost and Found is located in the Security building on the north side of the Grandstand by Yellow Gate.


  1. What day is “L.A. County Day” for this years fair?

  2. hello my name is Jahel and i wanted to know where the LA Human Resources is located?

    • Hi Jahel, Our human resources department is located at Fairplex (where LACF is held.) You can contact them by calling (909) 623-3111

  3. If I bought tickets from groupon, can I use it for opening weekend??

  4. I simply cannot believe the stupidity that went into the decision NOT to have
    live horse racing at the fair,which has ALWAYS been one of the main reasons why many,many loyal patrons even go there.What in the world are you people thinking? Don’t you know anything about running a business?
    What next fun thing are you guys going to eliminate to drive loyal fans away?
    Oh yeah,you already did that by eliminating the dollar admission days this year.
    I would like to believe that horse racing will return again because you’ll realize
    how many fans and money you’re actually going to lose!
    I speak for MANY horse racing fans that are extremely pissed about that ridiculous decision.I sincerely hope you guys come to your senses and reverse that horrible move!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi there, i’m interested in going to the NeonTrees concert at your fair, and i would like to know where i can purchase 2 tickets for the concert? Also will the concert be in an open area, or will it have standing admission and balcony seats? I’d like to be able to visit the band’s merchandise booth , soo i’d like to know which tickets to purchase in order to have that chance. Bc at DelMarFair, only the standing admission audience were allowed/had access to the merchandise booths. I hope for a kind response. Thanks!

  6. Where can I purchase a season pass?

  7. Will there be an application update or a new app for LACF 2014?

    • Hi Justice, We will not be updating the LACF app this year. However, we have taken extra steps to ensure our website is mobile friendly so you have everything at your fingertips while you’re with us 🙂

  8. Hi is there any tribute bands playing this year at the fair?? If so who and what time. Thanks : )

    • We are working on our entertainment calendar and will have those showtimes listed for you very soon. Thank you for your patience!

  9. Will the tickets for Labor Day be the weekday $12 tickets or the any day $19 tickets?

  10. I would love to take my kids and girlfriend (including myself) to see R5 perform at the consent series this year. Both my daughters are under the age of 3, would I have to buy a concert ticket for the four us or would just the adults?

    • Hi Alfredo, As long as your daughters are 2 and under they can attend for free. However, they will need to sit on your laps. Thanks!

  11. Unfortunately the $1 dollar admission day is the only day some people with large families can afford. I hope you bring it back.

  12. Do you allow people to bring their own drinks like water or soda?

  13. Really sad the one dollar day its gone..
    i guess we wont be attending this year..
    …. about 50 of us were going from friends family .. and lots of KIDS…


  14. i guess we wont be attending this year..
    …. about 50 of us were going from friends family .. and lots of KIDS…
    … bye dollar day..

  15. i read somewhere theres a dr who tardis Is this true? If so, where is it located? My son would love to see it

  16. Are there any discounts for veterans?

    • Absolutely. Our Weekend For Heroes is Sept. 13-14 and all military AND veterans can visit the Fair for $2 admission. All proceeds from this promotion go towards the Wounded Heroes of America foundation. Thank you for asking!

  17. Can I being in sandwiches and sodas and snacks?

  18. What is the rule for bringing in my own water????

  19. Do you accept debit/credit cards?

  20. Great job ruining the LA County Fair. Yes, eliminate the live horse racing and add Oktoberfest,Wine fest,craft beer fest, drink fest, night club,charge $19 for entry and then hit them again with separate charges for everything under the sun, eliminate discounted entry……..Yup,ya got to love Henwood’s vision for a great family experience. What an idiot.

  21. Of course I have to comment on the 1st day admission price. When the people were on line and found out the admission price the lines got shorter fast. The man in front of me didn’t have enough to get in after paying $15 for parking.
    The area with the new outdoor kitchen was great but no one knew it was there. It seemed tucked away and uninviting. In fact, one dad started walking toward it and then decided it was too dark over there and told his 4 children there isn’t anything for them in the dark and scooted away.
    Walking across the race track was new. Why? It will cost a fortune to repair the track when the month of tramping over it is comes to an end.
    A lot of opportunity to drink alcohol this time at every turn, why? People are going to drink beer or wine if they want it. You don’t have to serve it every 20 yards.
    I hear from venders throughout the year that they can’t afford to be part of the LA County fair. The price of the booths are too expensive they say. Is that why there isn’t very much shopping this year?
    I just didn’t have the great experience I usually do. I like to go 3 and 4 times, not this year.
    My suggestion; Go over what you’ve taken away, beginning with the removal of the trams 6 years ago. Perhaps Angelinos won’t mind the price of the admission if the feel they’re getting their moneys worth.

  22. What dance studio in Whittier, CA sponsors the senior dance competition? Thanks.

  23. Perhaps, management should consider charging $2.00 for opening day. Eliminating the traditional $1.00 entry fee for opening day, if your are truly honest with your self you would have to agree was not the most popular decision.
    Also, I would like to suggest that your Veterans be treated….You know the way they should be.

  24. What kind of ouside drinks and snacks can we bring to the fair?

  25. What does the Season pass include & exclude ?

  26. My parents, who have since passed on often talked about the time they took my two brothers and myself to the fair. I was a baby and my brothers were probably 2&3, maybe 3&4. This had to be 1949 or so. At that time they had a child care center where you could drop off toddlers and they would watch them while the adults visited the fair. Apparently my parents took advantage of the child care and dropped off my two brothers. As the story goes my brothers were out in the play yard when my oldest brother, Harry, found a hole in the fence. He crawled out followed by my brother Roger. Unfortunatly Roger was followed by several other children who were soon wandering around the fair. Security was not happy and my parents were so embarrassed that it was a good twenty years before they could show their faces at the fair again.

  27. I plan on taking Uber to the fair this year. Where is the best spot to get dropped off?

  28. I had a question are allowed to bring in snacks and drinks into the fair .

  29. I see I can rent a stroller, but can I bring in my own?

  30. Is rentry permitted?

  31. Are coolers allowed inside? If they are how big can they be?

  32. What is the height requirement for the toddler rides?

  33. Is Outside food permitted into the LACF? Like homemade Sandwiches or FastFood?

  34. Every year we like to try the newest & oddest foods. Is there one place I can find a list & descriptions of these foods? I know sometimes fairs have competitions that the vendors enter, does the LA county fair have that & where can I see who won. I have been looking everywhere & I can’t find anything that is a list just an occasional picture. Thanks for the help!

  35. I have tickets to the Beach Boys concert there Thursday the 24th. Can I bring my 6 month old granddaughter in with us?

  36. So I was reading about the free concert tickets and here it tells me that the booth starts giving away the free tickets and the LA county fair website said at 1pm? What is the actual time and what do suggest to be time to get tickets?

    • Hi Yesenia, We give away a limited amount of free concert tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis, beginning at 1 p.m. on the day of the concert. Please arrive either earlier or right on-time, as we cannot guarantee free tickets for everyone. Thanks!

  37. I have two questions/concerns. First: The only way I can go to the fair is by taking the bus from Upland/Ontario with my skateboard. When I got there the first day, I bought my season pass and the let me in at the Blue gate with my skateboard, all they said to do was walk it and not ride it. And there were no problems that day. The next day I came to the Blue gate again and then they told me I couldn’t bring my skateboard in nor could I put it at the lockers? What happened to them allowing me in on the first day with it? And there are a few skateboard selling vendors in the fair.

  38. My second concern was with my season pass. I lost it in the park and could not find it in the lost in found when I was there. Is there anyway I can get a replacement? I have proof of purchasing it through my bank account statement and I also have the coupon book that I haven’t used yet? Thank you.

  39. Does the person that bought the tickets have to be there in order for the other people to go in? The tickets are under my husbands name and he has to work now.

    • Hi Crystal, Please speak with our ticketing team regarding this issue. If you have proof of purchase you should be fine, but please speak with our team to confirm. Thanks! (909) 623-3111.

  40. Are selfie sticks permitted?

  41. Is there free admission on the day of a birthday?

  42. Can I use mobile tickets from my phone or do I have to print the tickets?

  43. Hi,
    Is reentry allowed on the ticket or I need to purchase a new ticket if I go out and come back (both for the fair and Parking). I have to run for an errand, My family will be there in the fair while I go do my work and come back. your response will be appreciated.

    • Hi Jay! Yes, re-entry to the Fair is allowed. Just be sure to get your hand stamped. In terms of parking, please call Guest Relations at (909) 865-4621. They will give you a more definite answer!

  44. Can one person bring more than 5 cans of food to the gate for free pass? And do you have to use the tickets that Friday (day of donation) or can you use the tickets on a Saturday? Please let us know. Thanks, Lola

    • Hi Lola! You can bring more than 5 cans of food, but you will only get 1 free admission – valid on that Friday only. Donations have to be made between 12 – 6 pm.

  45. Can I take a backpack type and size cooler all im taking in it is water

  46. Hi, I have a question, does my 2 year old need her own wrist band to ride the rides? Or does my husband just need one to get on with her?

  47. Hi, I was wondering what time do the concerts usually end? It starts at 7 – 7:30.

  48. Do they allow outside food? I know that other comments have said yes but I’m not sure if they changed this year or somethin

  49. Can you bring in a shopping tote with wter and snacks ?
    How much are the powered wheelchair scooters ?

    • Patrons are allowed to bring single wagons; no attached wagon trains are permissible on Fairplex
      property, any attached cooler compartment cannot exceed 12” x 18”.
      Water and snacks are allowed. Just be sure you don’t bring glass. 🙂
      Wheelchairs $25
      Scooters $55
      Scooters after 6pm $40

  50. Hello, where can I view the photo that is taken of you, when you first walk into the fair? I lost the little ticket they give you when they take it

  51. Hello, I thought that and read that no alcohol allowed to be brought in to the lacf. Yet, a family member brought in beer in his cooler. Are there certain alcoholic beverages that are allowed and not allowed?

    • Hi Lourdes, Alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought inside the Fair. If someone had beer in his cooler, he sneaked it in past our security guards, which goes against our Code of Conduct and isn’t tolerated. Thank you for letting us know of the incident, and for checking with us about the rules!

  52. I was trying to look for a booth in the crafters village and I was unable to locate any information. Is there somewhere I can look it up

  53. will the tickets purchased to play games this last year work next year too? I have 30 tickets left over.

  54. Can U bring a camel pack full of water? It sound like I can from the other questions.
    I just want to be 100{62245692f563d27b9d36e7e01cc13940036b3fd1b9326aee961c7dac74c92b1e} sure.

    • Hi Yuri, Thanks for reaching out. Bags not exceeding 12″ x 18″ are allowed, along with water containers that aren’t glass.

  55. We are seniors and need to know where the walk up entrance is to the fair. All we are seeing is the 2 drive in entrances and the vip entrance. Can’t find it on any map or fair site thanks

  56. I was told by a friend that the first day , all rides are free, is that still going on?

    • Hi Nicole, Rides are regular priced on Opening Day. You can view all pricing and promotions at

  57. Does the Friday canned goods special for a free entrance apply for Friday, Sept. 2?

  58. Does parking come with a season pass

  59. Is there a list to preview of vendors and their choice of menu item for the “taste of the fair wednesday”?

  60. Last year, I was not allowed to bring a can of Monster energy drink into the fair. The security guard at the entrance stopped me and said I could not bring it in. So I just drank the whole can before entering because I did not want to take it back to the car. So I can confirm that energy drinks can not be brought in, but they do sell energy drinks on the inside.

  61. is there are list of competition/ contest winners posted anywhere online?

    • Hi Susan, We don’t have a list available at this time. However, if there is a specific category you are inquiring about we can get that information for you.

  62. What items are prohibited? Are guests allowed to bring food in the fair? Thanks!

    • Hi Charvie, Please view our Code of Conduct for a complete list of items which are allowed into the Fairgrounds. This is up at Thanks!

  63. Do the wristbands count towards the games? Or just for rides

  64. Can a child’s admission be payed with an adult’s admission?

  65. Can I bring items such as water bottles and chips for my kids?

  66. I ordered season pass and never recieven it. It was early bird pass

  67. Is there a drop-off & pick-up location? If so, where is it?

  68. Is there any happy hour drink or food specials this year? I can’t seem to find them

    • Hi Michele,
      We do have happy hour! You can get $2 off domestic beer and margaritas from participating stands between 4 – 7 p.m., Wed, Thurs and Fri.
      We are also offering a Taste of the Fair — $2 tastes from most of our vendors on Wednesdays, noon – 5 p.m. 🙂

  69. I was there Labor Day Monday. I want to go back and make a purchase from a vendor. Can I reenter park with proof of ticket strictly to make a vendor purchase?

    • Hi Silvia,
      We don’t allow re-entry on a day separate than the one marked on your ticket. However, if you would like, please speak with our Ticketing team and they will be able to speak with you regarding this: (909) 865-4070. Thanks!

  70. Are water bottles and outside food allowed to be brought in to the fair?

  71. Hello! I am hoping to get free concert tickets for the Lee Brice show on the 17th. I was wondering about what time people usually start lining up for the tickets so I can be sure to get there early enough, thank you in advance!

    • Hi Jessica, Tickets start being given out at 2 p.m. but folks start lining up as early as noon (opening.) It’s up to you when you would like to get in line, but we recommend the sooner the better for our more popular shows. Thanks!

  72. Can folding chairs be taken in like the camping kind?

  73. Are bottled waters allowed?

  74. I’ve taken reusable BPA free water bottles into the fair before but saw something about everything having to be factory sealed. Is that a new thing? – if so, how on earth are health conscious people supposed to keep hydrated? Not trying to be rude, just kind of frantic about getting dehydrated by being in the sun all day without water.
    Thank you

  75. What time does the vendor building close on sundays?

  76. My family member is a county employee and can purchase $5 fair tickets tomorrow. My sister will not arrive at the fair until a few hours after we do. Would we be allowed to purchase an extra ticket at the booth for her and then leave the fairgrounds to give it to her?
    Sorry if it’s an obvious question, just want to absolutely make sure!

  77. If we purchased concert tickets do we need to buy admission tickets into the fair?

  78. Hello! I was wondering if they will give my 2 year old son a free concert ticket for my husband who can’t be there at 2pm when they are giving the tickets out. My husband will meet up with is later. I read that kids under 2 don’t need a ticket to attend the show as long as they don’t take a seat so I was hoping my son could get a ticket for my husband. Thanks in advance!

  79. Hello! I was wondering if they will give my 2 year old son a free concert ticket for my husband who can’t be there at 2pm when they are giving the tickets out. My husband will meet up with is later. I read that kids under 2 don’t need a ticket to attend the show as long as they don’t take a seat so I was hoping my son could get a ticket for my husband. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jessica, The rule is one ticket per person physically standing in line. If your son is 2 years old, he can sit on your lap, but must do so during the entire duration of the concert. For clarification on this, please call our ticketing team at (909) 865-4070

  80. Hello how many free concert tickets per person do we get ? Last year I remember getting 2

  81. I am dropping off my daughters for the DNCE concert. Is there a place designated for drop off and pick up?

  82. Can we bring in camelbacks filled with water or does it have to be empty??

  83. Can we come in and out of parking?

  84. My son was given a every kid in the park pass. He was told he can get in the fair for free and bring two guest as well and they get in for free is this true.

    • Hi Jocelyn, Where did you acquire this pass? We don’t offer an Every Kid In The Park pass through our ticketing system.

  85. Once entering the fair can you leave the fair to drop things off at the car and return to the fair, or once you are in are there no in’s and outs?

  86. He got the pass on his field trip to the fair. He said all 4th graders recieved one

  87. Hi. Can my 6 year old bring his scooter inside the fair?

  88. I had bought a fair ticket from Ralph’s a couple days ago, can you use those tickets any day or just the day that you purchased them at Ralph’s?

  89. Hi I was wondering if I can bring a selfie stick to the fair???

  90. Do they sell non-alcoholic beer at fair?

  91. Where exactly is the box office on Rose Ave located? Also, do the lines for the free tickets get pretty long?

    • The ticket booth is located next to Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon. Line lengths differ depending on the act — some are extremely long while others are a little shorter.

  92. I cant find anything regarded after 5pm tickets. Are those no longer available? I work a lot and weeknights are my only chance to go.

    • Hi Doug,
      We don’t offer 5 after 5 p.m. this year. Please visit under our Special Offers tab for current promotions.

  93. Are you allowed to take in food and drinks as in lunchables,snacks and water?

  94. Can you bring in food?

  95. Hey can you bring tripods in for vlogging?

  96. Hi,
    We’re going to the concert tonight and was wondering which parking lot would be closer to the venue.

    • Hi Colleen,
      Gate 17 (Yellow Gate) is closest to the Grandstand. We recommend arriving as early as possible as we expect traffic to be quite heavy getting into the Fair.

  97. I paid for a party Box last year for the Chicago concert. I just want to say for who ever reads this, it was the most HORRIBLE experience. I not only paid and reserved for a box right in the middle. When I went to follow up because i never received my tickets. They never processed my order, by then all the boxes were taken except for one at the end. There was no compensation, when I did finally receive my tickets my parking passes (I paid for) were not included. I had to end up going down to the fair just to pick up parking passes. The day of the concert, a employee came in and rudely said I was over the amount of people I paid for. I had everyone freeze to take count. And NO I was not over. I would NEVER go back or recommend a party box to anyone.

    • Hi Rosie,
      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience at our End of Summer Concert Series event. We will share your comments regarding your party box booking, parking passes and the treatment you received from one of our employees with our team, as we are always looking to improve our guests’ experience at the Fair. If you would like, we can share your contact information with my team, in case you would like to speak with our management directly regarding your experience. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

  98. Hello, I just purchased two tickets to the Boyz II Men concert one me and one for my daughter. I was wondering if there is an age requirement to attend concerts.

    • Hi Anne,
      We don’t have an age limit for our concerts unless specified. Please contact our ticketing team for details regarding the Boyz II Men Concert at (909) 865-4070. Thanks!

  99. Hi, so if I were to get a free concert ticket with my friend, will we be seated together? And if we do get the free concert tickets does that mean we still have to pay admission to get into the fair?

    • Hi Mari,
      Tickets are given away in order, so if you and your friend are both in line, then yes you will be seated together. Free concert tickets are given away inside the Fairgrounds, which means you will need a Fair ticket for that day.

  100. Are we allowed to take a small cooler with kids snacks and water/juice?

  101. I was told if you ha e an old fair cup you can get a discounted refill. Is this correct?

  102. If I purchase the carnival ride wristband voucher does that include admission? Or would I have to pay for the wristband and admission?

    • Hi Mis,
      Admission is purchased separately, unless otherwise stated. Please visit for details regarding our special offers. Thanks!

  103. I was wondering for your concerts if there are seats we have to stay in the whole time or do we stand up ?

    • Hi Eddie,
      All our shows are seated. We don’t have standing sections, although those who are seated stage side are sometimes permitted to stand at the rail.

  104. Are you allowed to bring in water back packs?

  105. how does the purchase of concert ticket and admission to fair work? do we show our concert ticket to entrance??

  106. This heat is crazy. Can I bring a thermos with Ice-water in it?

  107. One of the above questions wasn’t answered. Do you still honor the refill price on previous year’s fair cups?

    • Hello Lisa,
      Yes, you can get previous fair cups refilled. Prices may vary, please check at the vendor upon arrival.
      Thank you for reaching out.

  108. If I purchase my tickets online through Costco do I need to print the tickets, or can they just scan my phone there at the gates?

    • Hi Daniel,
      They can scan your phone at the gate, but to avoid any issues it would be best to print them out as well. Enjoy the Fair!

  109. If you can have and ice chest, how can you not bring stuff with you to have in it such as food & drinks? What about medical drinks?

    • Hi Samantha, coolers can’t exceed 12″ x 18″ in size. Food and drinks are allowed, but cannot be stored in glass, metal or hard plastic containers. Water bottles must be factory sealed. Please contact our security team in regards to any form of medical drinks: (909) 865-4357. Thanks.

  110. If I have a season pass? Can I use it twice in one day? I plan on coming early and then again in the evening?

    • Hi there, you can use your season pass twice in one day, but you must get a hand stamp in order to come back in. Please note that if you don’t have a season parking pass you will also need to pay for parking again on re-entry.

  111. In the past you could pay for refills with past LACF plastic soda/water bottle. Can you do that this year as long as it has the logo on it?

  112. Hello, my father is handicap and requires a scooter. Are the grounds scooter accessible?

    • Hi Jessica, Yes absolutely. In fact, you can rent scooters at all of our entrances. Please visit for full ADA information. Thanks!

  113. So if I take snacks security will not toss it out in a trash can? I know one year they did and I haven’t gone back since.

  114. Do they give away free concert tickets for the weekend concerts and when?

    • A limited number of free concert tickets are available at the ticket kiosk located on Rose Lane beginning at 2 p.m. concert days, first come first served. Everyone wanting a ticket must be present.

  115. Can I bring an sealed, unopened plastic bottle of Gatorade into the fair?

  116. Can we bring empty water bottles? I can fill it up from a fountain once I’m inside.I like to.leave as small an impact as possible.

  117. Hi can i pay with credit cards in fair grounds? And for parking too?

    • Hello Brenda,
      You can pay for parking with credit cards. While many booths do accept credit card, we recommend bringing some cash for those who do not.

  118. If I already bought a prepaid wristband does it include admission?

    • Hi Sebastian, wristbands are for rides only. You will still need a ticket to the Fair. We recommend visiting our special offers page at for discounts. Thanks!

  119. I was wondering how much is the souvenir refillable fair cup?

  120. I bought tickets to the Styx concert next Saturday night. Do I also have to buy fair tickets?

  121. I understand that purchasing a concert ticket also includes the entrance to the fair. Do I just show up to the front gate and show them my ticket master ticket?

  122. Is there water fountains, or water refill stations to refill our plastic Bottles, free of charge available through out the fair, or where are they available?
    Packaged food in soft plastic is ok?

  123. Can I bring my backpack for money, clothes, water, etc. My camera ,with lenses, binoculars for concert, etc. It’s going to be hot at fair is there shaded seats,tables,etc?
    Water fountains?
    Is there a map?

  124. Do you have motorcycle parking .and does my concert tickets good for entrance also

  125. Are you allowed to exit to your car & return back in?

    • Hello Guillermo,
      You may leave the Fairgrounds and return as long as you get your hand stamped upon exiting. However, cars are not allowed re-entry into the lots.

  126. Can we bring in factory sealed / plastic organic tea into the fair grounds ?

  127. Why aren’t empty water bottles allowed through the fair entrance? The re-useable plastic fair cup has an opening that can leak, but my empty re-useable cup was turned away. Please consider changing this rule, you can save a lot of plastic waste.

  128. Does the wristband include games too?

  129. Hello,
    I had knee surgery 2 weeks ago but my family flew in from out of state for the fair. Do your wheelchairs have leg rests? ( i have to keep my leg straight right now) Thank You

  130. Is smoking permitted on picnic hill??? Our Company is having their picnic there. Thanks

  131. Can bring my own water?

  132. I don’t like using plastic, it’s not environmental. Am I allowed to bring in a metal S’well bottle for my water? If I’m allowed a cooler, why am I not allowed a thermos of water? Isn’t one of the lessons at the fair to be more eco-friendly and sustainable?

    • Hi Meiyee,
      Metal water bottles are not allowed per our code of conduct. We will share your comments with our security team. Thank you for your feedback.

  133. Can we bring chips or waters

  134. I usually take a back pack with me to the fair to hold things I buy at the fair. If I am going to a concert, will I be allowed to take the back pack in with me to the grandstands?

  135. Are we allowed to bring backpacks?

  136. No outside food or drinks alllowed in the grounds.

    • Hello,
      Food and drinks are allowed on the grounds as long as they are not in glass containers. Drinks must be in plastic, factory sealed bottles.

  137. Can you replace your season pass if you lose it?

  138. My son wants to attend the Migos concert for my his 15th birthday, he and a friend. Do I (the parent) have to be there? I’ll be on the premises but I have no interest in that concert. Can they attend the show alone?

  139. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

    • Hi Alyssa,
      You can bring food as long as it is not in a glass container. Drinks are allowed as long as they are in plastic, factory sealed water bottles.

  140. Can you bring your souvenir cups in from last year and just pay for the re-fills?

  141. Can we bring in our own food?

  142. Do you have a list of Happy hour stands? How do we know who is participating??

  143. It’s supposed to rain this coming Thursday? Will this affect the fair? As in closure

  144. What is the best gate entrance to use when attending a concert?

  145. I want to make sure if I buy concer tickets, I don’t have to pay for admission.

  146. How long are the concerts ?
    And is it just that one performer
    Per show?

    • Hi Victor, Concert times differ depending on the number of acts. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. with each act typically running between 30-45 min long for openers, and an hour to an hour-and-a-half for headliners.

  147. Can we bring vape pens in?

  148. Hello,
    My mom lost her ring there last night 9/21/17. How do we contact lost and found?

  149. If I just want to get in line for free concert tickets, would I have to pay to get into the fair? Or is the ticket booth located outside of the fair?

  150. Hello,
    Can you bring a collapsible cooler with water bottles?

  151. Hi,
    I prefer not using plastic water bottles since it is not eco-friendly and wanted to reiterate this issue. I find it a little shocking considering even amusement parks and the TSA allow metal water bottles. I hope to see a change for next year’s fair.

    • Hi Vivian, Thank you again for your feedback regarding our bottle policy. We will share your comments with our team.

  152. if i buy a season parking pass can i upgrade daily to the VIP parking for $10.00?

  153. Do all vendors accept credit cards? Or cash only?

  154. Are selfie sticks allowed?

  155. I want to say I appreciate very much your invitation to schools, and the outreach for making it inviting and fun for school age children to learn and habe a good time. I do want to comment that I am very sad to see the horse racing go. This was something our family really enjoyed doing together and it was very memorable. I hope you’ll reconsider.

  156. Are we allowed to take in water?

  157. Is there reentry into the fair

  158. My family has celiac disease and can not eat any food with gluten. Do you have vendors that offer gluten free foods? Do you have a list of gluten free options that will be at the fair? Can we bring our own food if needed?

    • Hi Brian, we do not have a list of vendors offering gluten free items at the moment, but yes you are allowed to bring in your own food as long as you follow these guidelines: Guidlines

      Hope this helps and see you at the Fair!

  159. If we get in line for the free tickets do we have to enter fair at that time? Or can we come later that night for the concert?

    • Hi Lee Ann, Yes you can get free tickets once inside the fair and return later for the concert, but you must be stamped on your way out in order to return later.

      Thanks and see you at the fair!

  160. Now that we can bring empty metal water bottles, where are the water stations located? Map doesn’t give info about it.

    • Hi Joanne, We only have one and it is located on the edge of the Lagoon near the restrooms!

      Hope you have fun at the Fair!

  161. Can I bring my 40oz hydroflask water bottle?

  162. Are souvenir cups from previous years able to receive the discounted $3 refill?

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