Fair Bite Delights: Fan-Favorite Foods at the 2024 LA County Fair

Fair Bite Delights: Fan-Favorite Foods at the 2024 LA County Fair

May 17, 2024

The 2024 LA County Fair is here and brings its own class of mouthwatering foods, featuring tasty bites for the adventurers and those who love the classics done to perfection.

The Most Surprising: Ramen Taco

I know what you’re thinking – a ramen taco? But it was a surprisingly good match. The crunchy taco shell made of ramen mixed with all the other familiar goodness of a taco, including Kung Pao Beef, slaw and red onions, created an amazing blend in my mouth.

A Bite for Everyone: The Veg’e Box

Did you know the LA County Fair has vegan food? Neither did I, but The Veg’e Box has taken on the challenge of making fair food vegan, and without a doubt they are doing a good job at it. From vegan tacos to crispy cauli wings to their cookies and milkshakes, everything from The Veg’e Box hit the spot. My boyfriend couldn’t tell most of the items were vegan, which is always a compliment to the chef.

Southern Food with Flair: Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich and Catfish Bites

Whether you’re vegan or a meat lover, the LA County Fair has something for everyone. Those who enjoy Chicken Charlie’s, a staple of the Fair, will be delighted with their newest creation: a funnel cake chicken sandwich, drizzled with hot honey. The funnel cake almost tasted like a biscuit with honey and hot chicken, making it a memorable sandwich that will make you feel like you’re in the South.

Also bringing the Southern vibes to the LA County Fair is Harold & Belle’s, a Creole restaurant that brought sit down cuisine to the Fair. Harold & Belle’s offer catfish bites and beignets that can be enjoyed on the go so you can eat and explore. The catfish bites, in particular, are delightfully fried without being greasy and pack a flavorful punch.

My Favorite: The Pretzel Bomb

My personal favorite this year, and the food I think is most fitting for the Fair, are the pretzel bombs – also known as meat bombs – from Dough Spot, available with fillings of BBQ chicken, teriyaki chicken, or pulled pork. Dough Spot created a pretzel bun, with a light texture similar to bao, filled with the meat of your choice. Walking around with an ideal meal as you enjoy all that the LA County Fair has to offer.

Best Sweet Treat: Strawberry Shortcake Dole Whip

Dole Whips are always a crowd favorite, and this year’s strawberry shortcake dessert from Taste Whip will satisfy any sweet tooth on a warm day. At first I thought it may be too sweet for my taste buds, but with every bite I wanted more and more. The treat lives up to its name with refreshing strawberry soft serve, a drizzle of strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and a delightful cookie topper filled with strawberry jam.

Another delicious dessert came from Terr’s Berries, which delivered an amazing Creamsicle cocktail, perfect for kids and adults alike. Terri’s Berries perfected the taste; this cocktails tasted exactly like a Creamsicle where others might go wrong. When mixed, the orange drink turned to a beautiful pink, which is all part of Terri’s cocktail magic.

The LA County Fair’s lineup of food this year is nothing short of flavorful; the vegan and Creole food I discussed are just a few of the many hidden gems available for you to dine on this year.

Don’t take my word for it – come check out the many foods of the LA County Fair with your family, friends, or by yourself as a night out, now through May 27!


Blog and Pictures courtesy of Christina Jones


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  2. Awesome review! I will definitely be visiting these vendors! Thank you for the great review!

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