Urban Farming: Meet the Animals

July 25, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know we have slowly but surely brought in animals to live with us on our newly expanded Farm! Take a look at how our residents are doing:

farm at fairplex rabbits
We house a number of these furry little friends (and have witnessed them giving birth to several litters!) They have taken up residence in our old barns, building burrows for themselves and enjoying fresh produce from our crops.


farm at fairplex chickensBack in March we brought in several incubators and hatched a number of healthy chicks.

They have grown quite a bit since then, and have also moved into one of the old barns. Our little biddies are busy eating, clucking and now hatching eggs in our makeshift coop.

It’s pretty fun to watch them go about their daily routines, feeding, sleeping and nesting each week. It’s hard to believe they were just tiny little chicks a few months ago!


We recently built a pond to help with our hydroponics system, and have welcomed a few turtles as well! They’re quite content eating the lettuce we provide them, along with small insects, while swimming and sunning themselves as they please. Eventually we plan to bring in some fish. Ducks are welcome to swim and splash as they please!

Nala the Cat (& others!)
While we are focusing on raising rabbits, chickens and pond life, we like to care for other animals in need too. Our most recent rescues include little Nala, an adorable kitten who was left on our doorstep last month, and a set of mallard ducklings. Once the ducklings are strong and healthy, we’ll release them back into the wild where they belong.

We’ll have more updates for you in the near future! Something new happens almost every week on our urban farm…

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