fairplex ag fair The 48th District Schools’ Agriculture & Nutrition Fair is setting up shop at Fairplex this week!

This year’s theme is Let It Grow, and student submissions have lived up to the theme handsomely.

Each exhibit teaches you how the elements of agriculture (water, plants, bees, dairy etc) plays a significant role in our everyday lives.

Official Ag Day LA dates are May 18 – 19 but this event runs all week long.

We took a walk through the fair today. Here’s what we saw: 

farm at fairplex animals Our Fairplex Ambassadors brought out our two-week old bunnies (and their watchful mama) to say hello to students today. Agricultural education is a core focus at The Farm, so it made sense for them to make an appearance.

48th district schools agriculture fair There are plenty of hands-on exhibits here, several of which go beyond agricultural science and into the realms of physics, biology and astronomy.

48th district schools agriculture fair Hundreds of schools have contributed to the fair, including exhibits in art, photography, crafts, horticulture, hydroponics, mission models, paintings, quilts, sawhorses, scarecrows, terrariums and other various science projects.

We’ll be visiting throughout the week so we can fully take in all the hard work these students have done. To learn more about the agriculture fair, please visit agday.org.

Thank you to all the students, teachers and partners who have made this event possible! We are so glad it’s happening right here at Fairplex.

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