3 Irish Food & Beer Pairings at Celtic Faire

March 1, 2016

Celtic Faire is this month so what better time than now to talk about Irish food and beer? To make the most out of your Celtic Faire experience, try these Irish beer and food pairings when you visit. 

Irish Food and Beer Pairings

3 Irish Food & Beer Pairings at Celtic Faire

1. Guinness (Dry Irish Stout) + Shepherd’s Pie
Why It Works: Mashed potatoes, vegetables and a perfectly toasted crust makes Shepherd’s pie one of our heartier dining options. Pair it with Guinness, whose bittersweet, lighter flavors contrast well with the richer, creamyh flavors in this savory dish. We’ve added a splash of this beer to our recipe too. (Food Tip: Try a chocolate dessert with Guinness if you’re craving something sweet instead!) 

2. Smithwick’s (Irish Red Ale) + Corned Beef & Cabbage
Why It Works: This medium-bodied beer, known for it’s ruby red color and sweet, caramel flavor, pairs well with corned beef and cabbage. The balance of sweetness and slight bitterness of the ale complements the saltiness of the corned beef. 

3. Stella Cidre (European Cider) + Fisn N Chips 
Why It Works: Okay, so cidre isn’t a beer, but we are offering it up at Celtic Faire AND it goes great with fish and chips! The fresh citrus flavors found in cidre are an excellent match with the sharp tartar sauce and malt vinegar flavors of our beer-battered fried cod.

Which food & beer pairing would you like to try? Tell us in the comments below! 

For more information on Celtic Faire, visit celticfaireatfairplex.com.

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