Fairplex Goes Festive

December 7, 2015

Aside from Fair time, December is our favorite time of year at Fairplex. Our Creative team descends on the campus elf-style and transforms our buildings into mini-winter wonderlands. Take a look!

Holly wreaths, twinkling fairy lights, boughs of holly, glowing ornaments and a colorful mish-mash of other holiday decor deck our halls thanks to the talents of our hard-working team. Every corner of campus has a little holiday cheer mixed in.

It’s hard to believe that a building that houses super heroes, robots and science exhibits during the Fair can transform into this festive party scene, but our Creative team is responsible for both!  

Each of our Christmas trees are uniquely designed and there are a lot of them! From the Exposition Hall to McKinley’s Grille, there are literally dozens of trees gracing our campus at this time of year.

To book an event space at Fairplex visit fairplexevents.com and take a look at our diverse venue offerings.

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