Event Industry News: Upland Lemon Festival Re-cap

April 28, 2014
We take lemon pie eating contests seriously around here!

Upland Lemon Festival 2014: Downtown Upland came alive this weekend for the 18th annual Upland Lemon Festival.

Despite the downpour on Friday, Upland residents of all ages came out to support local businesses, watch pie eating contests andLemon Idol, and enjoyed shopping, carnival rides, games and food.

In addition to the usual festival fanfare, Upland also hosted a butterfly habitat and a historic crate label exhibit, documenting citrus packaging labels from decades past.

Overall, we would say it was a big success!

#Dinnercam Promo Video

Tech: If you’re a food blogger and/or work in social media for restaurants, the new #Dinnercam is a slice of heaven. #Dinnercam is a portable photo studio designed specifically for social media food shots. With the perfect white background and lighting options to rival the filters on Instagram, the miniature studio is perfect for bloggers and Insta-addicts to land their ideal photo. #Dinnercam is currently located in a restaurant in Capetown, South Africa but we wouldn’t be surprised if these portable studios begin popping up everywhere, with hashtags like #nofilter and #foodporn running rampant on Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media: Pinterest has installed a Guided Search feature which allows users to search through pins hand-picked by travelers, food experts and popular pinners, so if you are looking for a dinner recipe worthy of Martha Stewart’s praise, Guided Search will help you find it that much faster.

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